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Taking N O T E S - a Matter of Survival!


I just a moment ago finished reading an article by the great man himself, Richard Branson (Virgin), who so much inspires in all what he does, and whom I sometimes bounce off a thought (his articles) against, just to know I am on track.

This time around I thought I'd share what it taking notes do for me - as I can see so many NOT taking them as if not using a pen and pad is a way of showing 'I re-member all' and don't need such old-fashioned methods! Gladly with new techno-logy at hand, and smart phones, the ability to take photos from a whiteboard looks to open new doors for our memory, not in the least with photos - they do say more than a thousand words!:)..and you can quietly in the comfort of your office peruse these further apart from later identify who was there...if you're a journalist or net-worker, that might come very handy, correct?

Many years ago I attended university and one of our very progressive teachers was the Finance teacher, and as the subject was vague, I think he knew our focus span might suffer and as a result at beginning of his class told us: 'No, need to take notes, I have already made them for you, just to follow - better instead look at what I am doing and listen and ask questions'! -So we did, all 70+ of us and when I came home I remembered and had understood zilch. But it had been interesting! Being at a university where performance is everything things did not stick always when cramming things in in very short time, and it spelt trouble to me. Years, later I noticed that by writing things down I remembered better, I could re-open my thought pattern when coming home (and each of us associate/remember/connect differently) and understand better what had just been said. The same thing we also were told was mind mapping and I even bought a book about some of this by Tony Buzan, about helping the mind to remember - and it was to me REVOLUTIONARY and great fun to read! And if it's fun, we learn as we all comes down to uses those five (5) senses you have...the more all 5 are used, the more will stick!

Moving on. When we came to university they set up classes for us to learn how to take notes, just like in interviews, and I re-call, I wondered what was more impor-tant than other things so the course came in handy. As did the concept of speed-reading which done repetitively with a focus on the page helps the eye to follow the sentences and by repetition and speed cover more and remember better, plus I could cover my 80 pages per day which were needed! In today's world things have not changed much, I'd say and as we get older thing may get blurred so notes are even more needed, as it eating properly and exercise and a good sex life, so prepare well!

Examples when I use notes are whenever I go to seminars, when I interview and constantly so, when listening to a lunch speaker (if there is room for your notes and not causing your tie to go into the coffee cup) or at a bar at night, in a dance situation or at night when you're supposed to sleep....

In today's world lunch meetings or in a coffee shop seem to be the order, but for me they are the most unsuitable - mainly for the noise level but also because we sit uncomfortably and try to figure out how to eat, listen, sound intelligent and active and formulate questions PLUS enjoy the meal. It doesn't work well any of it, thus I book my meetings where it does, I may have brought questions and I show 'what I can bring to the table' literally so the Client may see - and thus open for dialogue and more questions. Back 'home' in the office I re-write all - impressions, comments, issues and think them over. If no notes....I would be lost frankly and calling back and offering omitting certain things discussed shows you did not pay attention...which could mean you are out!

Another classic case is when you're out at night. It's usually napkins that serve as the note pad or if I am well-planned those notebooks I gift my clients, safely kept in my jacket breast pocket. Anyway, say what you like but when we have alcohol it releases something, thus your bloodstream to your brain flows (at least at first until too many....!) and one idea after the other pops up - but a lot comes down to the music which may remind us of something or the person you're with...they inspire:) So choose your company (and wine)! I put down bits and pieces, key words, situations and strings to think further and carefully pocket them.

-At night with all that stuff you've taken in during a busy day, our minds wander, certainly mine, for one! It may stop us from catching that sleep train that once lost does not come back and so there you are, in bed all alone with your thoughts. What I do then is just like my dad, go up get a glass of milk which in it has a component that helps sleep. While letting the potion take, I write down all ideas, inventions I am going to develop, people to call, things to write in headlines with more or less details to help me re-connect when I wake up. The off to bed! -Maybe open the window too!

Now if this wasn't helpful enough to you, how many of you can actually say that when you are out and bump into that smashing lady or distinguishingly looking man, you off the bat, remember her / his phone number just like that? Exactly, we must write it down! And it may by then well be on our arm, in our palm (¬pad:) and try not to was it off at the next visit to the boys' room! Like Branson said he has found that 99% of the people he encounters do not take notes, those who do are more often women and that his best business ideas have come when there was a shortage of paper for notes, ending up with him writing all over the place and doubling it over, just to make sure! -Well, Richard Branson, you certainly set my mind working! And note pad glowing...:)

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