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The Thomas System

thomassystem-logo-newWhat is the Thomas System?

The Thomas System is a method of assessing the personality types of individuals. It provides companies and individuals with a unique method of assessing personality and to assess the contribution the individual can make to the company, their development needs and how to place people with different personality types together for:

- improved teamwork when recognizing different individuals abilities
- personal development through better understanding
- increased productivity when better motivated
- improved company profits.

The Thomas System has been used by companies world-wide for over 75 years; the method is statistically reliable and has produced consistently beneficial results for companies world-wide. PRIME Recruitment is proud to say that we have been a selected partner to administer the Thomas System in Latvia since 2001.

How Can It Help My Company?

disc graphThe Thomas System assesses the four personality characteristics that we all possess.

The beauty of the system is that it reveals where the individual fits on each of the four dimensions of the scale and how an individual can fit with others in a working environment.

It also shows how people need to develop - how they could change their personality profiles to work more effectively in a team and to boost profitability. Investment in the Thomas System means that company owners can choose the “best fit" for their teams, predict management potential or rule out applicants who will not fit the job or company profile.

Do Many People Use It?

Currently there are over 3,000 European companies who use the Thomas profile analysis system to help them to maintain a competitive edge in their markets. The Thomas System has been translated into 56 languages all over the world operated in 64 countries; the system is now available in the Baltics in the English, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian languages.

How Can Companies Use It In Practise?

Companies can use the Thomas System profile to reveal individual characteristics for each employee so the COMMON FIELDS of APPLICATION ARE:

  • Personnel inventory
  • Personal development
  • Company leadership style
  • Individual leadership style
  • Team building
  • Individual motivation
  • Possibilities & limits under pressure
  • Personal development and career planning
  • Solving relationship problems
  • Job switch / transfer
  • Restructuring
  • Recruitment & selection (external & internal)
  • Training & development
  • Releasing people potential
  • Diagnosing & resolving people problems
  • Stimulating employees and appraisal
  • Bench-marking
  • Career guidance
  • Team audit
  • Empowerment & change

Current Users

Among the 3,000 current users of the Thomas System are:
Electrolux, DHL, DFDS, IKEA, Nokia, ABB, Ericsson, Statoil, Volvo Truck, SAS, Avesta Polarit, AGA, Scania, Swedbank, CitiBank.

In Latvia it is/has been used as an evaluation tool by:
SIROWA, SCANIA Latvia, SEB Unibanka, Unilizings, Hansa Business Systems, Volvo Truck, GNT, Balta Communications, SIA J.O.Z./PEAB Group, Astra Zeneca, Clear Channel Outdoor, First Data, AmCredit / Irish Allied Banks (LV, LT & EE), CRAMO Latvia, Volvo Truck Latvia, Onninen Latvia, Cedrix Consulting.

The Certificated Thomas user companies include:
Kuehne & Nagel, Korsnas, Cornerstones, DHL, Sodra, Nord LB Latvia, 57.Paralele Travel Agency, First Data, AmCredit / Irish Allied Banks LV & LT, CRAMO Latvia, Volvo Truck Latvia, Onninen Latvia, Cedrix Consulting, Y.I.T. Latvia.

The Certificated Thomas users - individuals are those who on a regular basis utilise the system by license from PRIME Recruitment & SLG International and annually participate in re-training events as well as accept visits 3-4 times/year as part of their knowledge upgrading chance to have a speaking partner/sounding board, where a minimum of 25 analysis are to be processed in any given company year, and the aim to evaluate own staff should be on a 6-month-revloving basis. The license holder has, naturally, the right to internally train all staff as part of the license agreement.

PRIME Recruitment offers unique opportunities for employers to use the Thomas System, including:
- consultations and testing when staff are recruited (Note: These consultations can be provided on an hourly basis to reduce costs);
- a Thomas System evaluation of all employees (an individual profile of all staff members)
- training for your H.R. person to undertake profiling of all staff members (your company can gain a competitive advantage through increased knowledge of individual styles and save money through doing the profiling yourselves).

PRIME Recruitment and SLG Thomas International is happy to offer you Thomas Training Educational Course - OPEN THOMAS TRAININGS. Contact PRIME Recruitment for other training opportunities in using the Thomas System - we offer open training events or tailor-made programmes for your company. Call or mail Henrik Mjoman, HR and Thomas Consultant to set up a meeting in English, Latvian, Russian or Swedish.

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
phone: +371-29 360 813; or fax: +371-67 287 518.

Take the opportunity to recruit and develop staff who fit your company profile and increase your profits!

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