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SLG International

PRIME Recruitment has worked with the Thomas system provided by SLG International since 2001.

SLG International, set up in 1983, is today regarded as one of the most successful consulting companies in the HR field in Northern Europe, and comprises 216 consultants in 30+ countries mainly in northern and central Europe as well as mainland China. In September 2004 SLG International opened the Moscow office as part of further expanding the business. The THOMAS International of which SLG is both shareholder and franchise-taker informs that the THOMAS DISC is the most used system world wide with activities in 64+ countries, re-presented in 56 language and this figure is on the rise. An estimated 5,000,000 analyses worlwide have been run since 1985.

By Dec 2009 training has reached 107,000 students of the MEGA University in Moscow and by way of a "train-the-trainer-program", signed contracts continue to rise aiming at another 20-30,000 in years to come. Not only is the system used for the IKEA expansion, it has also move over to the training of other large super-market-mall-like chains and the whole project is by far considered the feat of SLG International. In fact with the successes in Russia, the scheme of training IKEA employees in Sales has now recently been introduced at the IKEA Kungens Kurva facility (south of Stockholm) as a first time ever run training of its kind. In Sweden well-known Taby Centre north of Stockholm was also introduced to, and over-hauled as an shopping area when as a result the boosting of the retail employees' and managers' sales figures and confidence in the mid to late 2000's.

The tool throughout is the original Thomas system that via a PPA (Personal Profile Analysis), reveals the participants strengths in their performances giving added value as a tool for daily management to the company and allowing for personalized training and development of You as an employee. The system can favourably be applied in Team Building exercises, Sales training and other where the latter guarantees results - a market unique feature.

The trainings PRIME Recruitment run are open or tailor-made to your specific business - and the content a discussion between yours and our company. Emphasis on your own examples and benefits are the core, a quality assurance issue and for long-term success we endeavour to secure this with your CEO and Board to be enable better results in our work with you as partners in Your development. In 2008 we plan to expand activities further introducing new internet based products and, slowly but step-by-step working for Latvian language solutions.

PRIME Recruitment, as the Latvian partner of SLG International, emphasizes its work on broadening the client base, and most importantly aims to strengthen those clients we already work with, not merely by providing them outstanding staff, but by assisting them in building & coaching their current organizations.This feature especially being needed as Latvia and The Baltic states need to increase productivitity in the face of current inflation where getting the employees to understand the larger picture and their own part to play in this, as crucial for further business investment into the country as well as the competitiveness they must display in the face of the financial streams possibly changing directions.

International companies using Thomas system are:
Nordea, Tieto Enator, Pharmacia & Lorentzon & Wettre, Cardia Group.

In the Baltic arena references are:
Unilizing (SEB-group) in Latvia, Astra Zeneca in Estonia & Latvia
Clear Channel/More Group in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Russia
VSAS, Scandinavian Airlines System, Estonia
Unibanka (SEB-group) in Latvia
Pharmacia in Estonia
Volvo Trucks in Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania
CRAMO Latvia

If you are interested in using the Thomas system in your company you are welcome to connect with PRIME Recruitment!

PRIME Recruitment and SLG Thomas international is happy to offer you Thomas Training Educational Course - OPEN THOMAS TRAININGS.

Want to work as a Trainer, be one of our Sales staff and grow the Organization and Yourself? - Then send us a cover letter in English, min 1-1.5 A4-sheets long explaining why you are the right person for the job & how we could benefit as a company by employing you!

Spoken and written English, Latvian & Russian are minimum requirements.

Address the e-mail / envelope marked "Thomas trainer" / "Thomas sales person" to:

Henrik Mjoman
PRIME Recruitment
Kr. Valdemara iela 34, 6th Floor, LV-1010 Riga, LATVIA
or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +371 67 284 743, fax 67 287 518


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