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RULES for the Candidates on The GO service:

Are You interested in meeting, talking to, getting to know and possibly hiring one of our candidates? Then you have come just right! Save time, hire a person you like from the outset, someone interested in working for You – and knowing that already before you utter the golden words…!!!

The rules are simple. We have put interviews’ and coaching time into each individual (min 7-12 hrs) and to keep this service going the main cost must lie on the employer, not the individual. Thus to meet a candidate after a first meeting for instance in an event, will only set you back a few hundred lati. Being a member of The LiST you get to know the person a little, BEFORE you decide - how often do you have that opportunity?

A sunk cost, paid in advance. If you decide not to take it further this is the only amount you pay – however, should hire – there is an additional amount MINUS the first amount. What you get is a written report, an evaluation, commentary – naturally we CAN do more for you, maybe run a THOMAS profile learning more about him/her in a different situation? But in dialogue with us -adding additionally what you would like,finding out what's there – let’s discuss!

If you are interested and have not met the person, same rules apply. Naturally we rely upon respect for
the individual and an understanding of confidentiality as a slip of the tongue can cause unnecessary harm.
Thus let us do the reference checking and we maintain in dialogue and all will work better for all involved.

The headlines or titling at each reference code indicates a summary of each person's features.

"Growing Asset, Liking to Convince"
This is a star sales person, proven under fire, seen to deliver. He is a team-worker, a coach, and is like he should be - never pleased enough, wishing to see things happen and making sure they do! Straightforward, needing a fair challenge and a product to believe in! Well educated with experience from working in smaller teams and larger, own companies and as employed! That is a good recipe for an emloyee that stays! Excellent English.

Project mgr Finance & related matters saving on company's resources
This man could well be your CFO, but he is much more than that. He understands how companies function, he has a long relationship with outside funding - EU among other, he can write you a project, set it up and manage it - also ona  large scale. Large active network towards Government, municipalities and knowing the talk but doing - the walk! An expert on the Baltics, knows the region, internal policies and able to dedicate much of his time to deliver solutions & ideas, getting the docu right and deliverying continuity, involving his team for success! How many actually get that thing right? Ready to go! Your ROI could well depend on it! Has an engineering degree in Roads'  & Bridges construcion added with Finance. Sports background'. An optimist w international outlook.

I get things done - what I do changes things for the better"
This person is one of the most dedicated I have met in my15 years as a Recruiter - the person sets up and achieves goals, does not give up, capable to take on large quantities of complex work, stretching over many years in a local setting or abroad.This tiem round, the person is looking for a position on the Board of an international company, being its chairwoman, but also running a project needing special dedication. She has worked on senior level in an international company elsewhere and is results'-driven, focused and solutions'driven, unafraid of bringing energy to a new position, fueling the team-spirit-attitude! Ideal for her is ot empower and let her run things.-Preferably in the finance sector - banking/insurance. It cna also include work abroad, based out of the U.K., managing an East European country, bringing an additional view.
Available as a Consultant or Employee! International EMBA. UK accredited. Latvian, Russian, English and Polish on near-fluency and fluency levels.

"Creating processes, an Inventor, Ideas'Generator. "A fresh mind and neutral eye on your concept"
"This seasoned, but still very active gentleman from the bank sector was promoted when the finacial crisis swept in, and ran the loan support department till recently, only deciding to leave it when the bank down-sized as this left no or little room for manoeuvring. One of his gifts as a manager is his ability to enthuse & coach fellow workers, and this especially was seen at internal work-shops when the participants calmed down allowing for creative input. 'X'is with his MBA from the Riga Business School, as well as an Engineer's degree from the Latvian University of Agriculture, makes him a well-educated person. Excels in English! Team-thinker and competitive, his great experience is with public funding in supporting SME's, individuals, start-ups and other. Accessing, financing and tailoring these to the client's needs. We think he could be your consultant / employee in assisting your company gain funding. Can you afford not to have him on your team?

"Results orientated, process- & quality"
High-level, elite sales-&mktg person for refined sales-& leadership with experience from managing international companies. A strategic thinker, careful in analysis,unafraid to go ahead or stand up for this opinion. Delivers the goods. Efficiency-thinker! MBA & M.D. (Medical degree). Knows how to cut red tape and not giving up for a 'little' resistance. International in attitude,values decency, honesty and leads by example. Also understand the value of talking to one's team. Expects clarity, a straightforward approach and trust-worthiness. Brings the ability to assess, implement and good ideas! B2B. Lv, Engl, Ru & some German.

"Sharing her competence - I like to invest my time into the company"
This very active candidate is one of the best you can hope to find in this business she has been in, despite just being in her lower middle ages she has run a company, been its production manager, worked on high level sales and finance and knows a lot about turning companies around. Her in-depth knowledge of running business in Russia having set up a production site from the planning phase to delivery and monitoring cost, as well as working with cash-flow analysis are second to none! "Figures speak to her", she says"! The candidate has a very clear understanding for processes in production & the internal(and external) logistics involved, and down to the minute, something she now intends to put into a program for helping the managers take the right decisions in the right order resulting in increased efficiency and their having fewer surprises. When she was in a previous position, the foreign manager invested into her and as a results holds an MBA from Joenkoeping, Sweden in Business Administration and is FLUENT in Swedish, English & Russian, has god command of Latvian and rudimentary Norwegian. This person is now looking to make a career change and or become a consultant sharing her experience and delivering to expectations - BUT YOU OUT THERE may still be able to change all that!!!
SOLD for a project!!

"Sales Executive, Managing& Selling High-Level Equipment Latvia & Pan Baltic"
This sporty, out-going, sales focused, optimist with an international outreach has with 15 years in medical equipment sales Latvia& Pan-Baltic, a treasure chest to offer the RIGHT buyer. -You? -Today an entrepreneur, previously for several north european firms, he knows his sector and its players - certainly its purchasers! For you as an employe he will enlarge your oders' book, speak to the authorities and has an eye for what is needed. Thus he will shorten the "take-off"-time which can mean a lot to your company. HIS BEST is how he communicates with his client and understanding the sales cycle. Engl, German, Lv&Ru.

"Ideas' Generator"
This Gentleman I met through LinkedIn and his interest revolved round being an entrepreneur in Construction, providing teams to send overseas, to also finding himself a new career and a challenge to that! Educated in Management & Business Administration, our man is industrious, active, a very good sportsman on national level (award winner at work and out of~) and is looking for that company where results and effort matter! -Give him a fair challenge and he will perform! Well-connected,understanding how to organise and motivate his fellow man, he has worked in sales and contracted out workers. Given his background in Construction, his association with Germany, exports' ambitions also speaking the language he is open to cooperate as a contractor. In addition he is writing his Master's paper on Materials' sales - either way you have a person with the best spirit only entrepreneurial drive can give. -Meet him! Hire him!

"International Risk Manager & Civil Engineer Building& Construction + Coal Mines"
This candidate has a civil engineer's education in Building&Construction, combined with Geographical Information's Systems. He has supervised on site, estimated, worked with computerized mapping, knows hydrological modelling and sewage treatment. Additionally trained on coal mines, quality control, checking builders' plans meeting the standards and specialties set. In-depth insight into properties' risk analysis, has worked in insurances sector for international daughter company leading staff Pan-Baltic. Led an international chamber in Riga and has a good network for you to tap into:)! Leads staff by setting objectives, allowing freedom, following up, encouraging results, not micro-managing. This manager likes meeting clients, prefering to be out-of-office whenever possible, delivering the impossible! Aims for challenging position within mgm systems, running facilities- & physical asset management, ventilation&heating. Knows claim's. Will re-locate for RIGHT position. Sportsman and sailing champion. Has mastered Latvian, pass on Intermediate level.

'Hospitality is my natural being'  (a Sales-&Mktg person)
With 3 years in travel management, 11 years in the hospitality sector – read: hotel management sales-&marketing at both local and foremost larger international chains yielding her varied experience working herself up to Director’s level, this person is rather complete. Running a fine team, being appreciated and always delivering results, walking the extra mile and putting client and quality first. What she now is looking for is a similar situation, where she can bring in a whole team should you like, but where there is long-term thinking, where staff are and can be trained, decisions are possible to take on the spot when needed and trust given to do so. It should most likely be an international company where planning, follow-up, feedback -all are part of the everyday thinking. Where hard work, opening up to growing with the company and a decent challenge to deliver something difficult, are in place.This person is diligent, honest, tough and creative setting targets, delivering to promises, prioritizing still delivering her clients comfort.

''Financial Planning - A passage in Accountancy in Time - Going Six Sigma Production'
This very special individual has a long love affair with learning. A partial ACCA, a degree in Accountancy, Project Mgm, a Translator's degree, recently an MBA in Business Administration to start with, finishing with a green belt, later a Black Belt in Six Sigma! 15 years in Finance for foreign companies & local, this talented, hard-working, truthful individual wants... a career change and into LEAN into Production. Strong at financial planning, cash-flow, unit rate calculation, this is an excellent no.2 in any office! -Combining all of that with Latvian, Russian, English, some French&Italian..Axapta, TILDES, Zalktis, couldn't do much better than employing our candidate! -Give your organisation and yourself a boost, invest in future success!

"Gilette...the BEST...a Man.."? -Developing others, implementing, identifying business risk! (CFO)
This candidate is one of the most qualified I have seen ever in Latvia when it comes to CFO positions. The candidate has worked for a major international player first locally, later Pan-Baltics, later to move overseas and remaining there and commuting holding key positions in different countries. Due to cost cutting and merging functions in the region, L!ST members and other have a great chance to upgrade competence to stay well ahead now and in years to come! The person has a nearly completed ACCA diploma, an IT degree for a first education, Finance and Social science for a Master’s. Ch accountant, Financial officer, int audit/consultant, stationed in the U.K. and Germany, this person still very young at heart and mind, also a sportswoman, is a great candidate for any of you out there! Great personality, good leadership we hear and very international! Delivers! Leads by example! Communicative! A Role model for employees! Don’t wait! Grab the opportunity! P.s. She would love to work in the Construction sector as she likes their attention to detail!

"Creative worker & manager delivering marketing, quality & sales" (retail sales)
This person has seen a rather versatile life, educated in an English curriculum at school 34,technical college in textile as a seamstress and eventually a B Sc in Business Administration at  a mature age with a thesis in Personnel Management. In working life from marketing toys, car accessories to running projects, strategic planning, documents' handling and client management she was discovered by the Management of her first job and frankly asked why not “manage a store and build a chain”? In parallel to this work, work on interiors and those materials involved w architects & designers, later also to marketing and selling high class men’s wear attracting 300+ customers. Due to increased competition and changes in her personal life, she was forced to close the chain, and is now looking for new opportunities where she can use her sales-&mktg skills, her communication abilities in a known environment, where the management values good teams and long-term performance – whether this is a private entity or government body. Excellent English skills, international, well-dressed, good humour, people skills and goal orientation are major traits of her personality.

'Site Manager - Electrical installations & Construction'
This goal oriented worker turned manager & specialist in the field of Construction is the past year's best news to the L!ST. His specialty being electricity and installations of the same, are naturally his strength and his experience on this comes from all things practical on a building site, be-it re-builds to new-builds. Also extensive work on tempered glass. Estimation, documenting, discussions with sub-contractors, negotiations, purchasing, managing staff on-site, working as Supervisor assistant, later project manager, offer evaluation, tendering and more while studying for a Master's Degree tell us in Mr 'X' we have more than meets the eye. Our candidate is focused, he delivers, he is accurate, he comes back on phone and handles both local languages, English and is also learning Swedish. 'X' is focused both to the local market or the Swedish and can perform as a company or as an individual. Further to this - commercial properties, restaurant- and cafe's environments, admini-strative buildings, bank facilities, energy projects and more provide his experience. Estimation, documenting add. Positive traits - he will put forward his opinion if you differ, suggests improve-ments and can help build results; 'X' is a driver, plans, keeps promises, is active and also as a sportsman - and the best still: not a drinker!

'Putting things in order' (real estate- & financial management)
This executive manager comes with in-depth knowledge of Finance and all subjects relevant therein from a large international company, with the values and viewpoint commensurate. This work also involved city plan-ning, discussions with architects, banks & municipalities throughout the country. Managing real estate, creating strategies for the assets, forecasting needs, day-today incomes, work with shareholders also has befallen him. Restructuring businesses, introducing ISO-standards, legal- & asset mgm are add to the list. Our member is looking to work in start-ups, as a right hand man to a senior director, preferably in a foreign owned western company and has an excellent track-record in putting businesses back on track. He believes in delegating, listening&giving advise, showing trust but still following-up where needed are hall-marks of his management prowess.

'Communicating & Creating Relationships' (household electronics' sales)
This candidate is one of the most complete we have to offer on the Sales side, having more than 12 years in
various sales functions, known has a go-getter, able to adapt and open to new challenges. ‘X’ is employed in a sales management function currently, is capable of rising to higher levels either on area-/regional level in his area of expertise as an experienced leader. ‘X’ has experience from foreign entities within electronics sales, electrical installations, consumer goods, garden products, wholesale, appliances. ‘Adding to that, X’ has worked a spell in Moscow, and Pan-Baltic and held roles where coaching his team paved the way to success. Introduction of an ERP-system to his employer’s is yet another feather in his hat of this well-trained, structured professional ready to achieve anew! Excellent English skills wr & sp.

In-house Technical Support Sales and Solutions’ broker with FMCG background
This mature candidate should be your best choice for a solution if you wish a person that puts your house in order, focuses on quality, provides service to people and always puts his best foot forward, whatever the situation – BUT he needs understand the product, research and analyse and allowing time for planning and time management to receive results. Soft spoken, a good listener, family oriented, he is not a conflicts’ seeker, loves a good challenge and finding something that benefits you as a Manager and Company owner allowing your company to grow. Sees himself a doer, and self-starter, gets it right the first time by thinking through things, prioritizing, not waiting till the last minute but getting on with it. Well-read team-player who can present in public and make a good impression!

Marketing-& customer relations professional
This Lady of Logistics has nearly 15 years of experience from the transports as well as maritime sector, both on crewing side organising suitable teams’ deployment, overseeing their future training from this via financial coordination, to monitoring, and business negotiations. Supplementing she also markets tank container shipments. A substantial part of her time has focused on customer service, -relations, proper communication among the parties and reporting. Coupled with her MBA from Riga Business School, RBS on strategy develop-ment of a tanker fleet, her English is of the highest level. The candidate leaves me in no doubt as to being at her best in international companies where a good right hand woman is needed, products and people meet, and an ambitious mind is allowed to grow serving the best needs of the company and a sound head on one’s shoulder is present. Driver’s license.

Results-orientated MD, Coach & Business Optimizer
This hardworking business focused manager and family father, has a long track record of working in technical product sales & service organisations and knows these two areas from bottom and up. This makes him a very capable manager especially as he is well-versed in the financial aspects of running a company and managing the bottom line: ROI. With our man here you will have a helicopter visionary who understands that people are the organisations. A hard-driving coach who delegates and empowers, and is a sounding board when more sinister issues occur. For you – a starter of new operations, a BIG NEW~, team coach and mover. Organisation’s optimizer providing know-how, experience and technologies’ understanding. -Aiming for an EMBA at SSE! -Looking forward to his next challenge!

International Company Manager - Lawyer
This international business person and former CEO, enjoys university degrees in Business Administration as well as Law, having administered large cruise lines, a major international car brand, real estate investment businesses and more. Married to a Latvian local, the couple have relocated from Marbella, Spain. Looking for work using his 20 years in international business, court litigation, taxes’ management but very much realizing he is in a new environ-ment, our Man sees himself supporting locals with an interest in Spain and investments therein possibly being self-employed - your agent? -Looking for a challenge, he always finishes what he starts, is spontaneous and honest, hard-working and a learner. This should be your advisor on business in Spain in all things Legal. For immediate hire! Driver’s license.

Financial Analytic & Accountant w MD background
This manager has quite a broad knowledge experience starting as office manager in 1998 working with soft-ware- & computer engineering, via transports& logistics to financial services, purchasing and business development leading up to real estate management and web page management. However it is for all in the more sophisticated of financial services and taxes this man’s heart tolls. Data management (analyzing fin history, collecting & sorting data, combining data and forecasting), incl programming and work on SAP R3 are his strongest points. Additionally,he possesses the ability to learn fast, likes to explore, manage processes and to be on the move.Can take advise!Democratic, but tough manager – supports those deserving! Documented results. Results driven.

Production Manager - manufacturing
This very (cap-)able production manager sports 10 + years of relevant experience from wood & concrete, pre-dominantly from medium to larger international companies – in which environment he would like to continue. Loyalty, finishing what he starts, sense for quality and liking of the processes involved, including the rare trait of being a good people’s coach are his strengths.Additionally, having a background in LEAN, he is looking for the proper challenge! Expresses himself well both in the written and spoken English, has a cheerful demeanour. For immediate hire! Driver’s license.

Multirole Country Sales Manager
This candidate and former CEO has in-depth knowledge in latter years fr heavy machinery sales and energy
equipment already from 1994 with major international players. Estonia, Lithuania & Latvia market experience aligned with an international approach, communicability, and low and behold, knowledge of Swedish are some of the cards up his sleeve! Degree in Thermal Engineering, EMBA from The Stockholm School of Economics, and studies in Combustion Technology at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, KTH, add to the palate, would it sugar your taste buds? Speaks Swedish apart from the usual languages! Driver’s license.

Coach and K A Sales Manager/MD with Wood production experience
Not often does one see such complete and natural a manager-coach as this person. His having served with Exports firstly, moving to Sales in a leading international white goods wholesale operation led him to anew be-coming a Country Manager in a Scandinavian FMCG operation in the late 1990’s. Moving further to the Be-verages’ producing industry saw him start as a complete novice in yet an other industry – Saw-milling and Glue board manufacture. It just shows how flexible Man can be in a time of need–something which by now has to be a sixth sense in our society as change has more or less become a constant companion. Emerging there as first a factory manager and MD operations later, Logistics and Internal & International sales became second nature. Following this Kitchen systems for the professional’s industry is yet another sector touched followed by spells purchasing various timber-related produce for local and international markets.Possessing traits as operational decisions-taker,able to delegate and very much a people’s person,makes this person ideal for Sales-& Purchasing in Production in a middle to higher management role.

Administrative Translator with Communcation Skills
This candidate is a well-trained individual who has seen service both in private companies as well as in the Public Eye reaching so far afield as sports companies, and travel agencies via a translation bureau to work for the House of Parliament. Well-travelled, has lived in New York a year and with a zest for life and learning, this person could well assist your smaller company in a support function as a Manager’s right hand or in a larger organisation.With special skills in Croatian,English,Latvian&Russian and dormant Swedish&French, this sets this person apart and brings additional flavour. Her positive and open attitude to customers, willingness to learn, preparedness to go the extra mile are additional traits. –The rest on her you may obtain by calling PRIME & Henrik Mjoman.

Modern Manager with people skills & production
This very active, sporty and so international Latvia business manager is not only at home in Latvia, but has also seen service in among other China where he set up part of the Latvian exhibition stand recently. Coupling his marketing as well organizational skills with communication’s ability, this candidate wants a position where status quo need be challenged, where results’ focus is the name of the game and where leadership & passion go hand-in-hand. Having also many years in production for an international entity, he has an unusual back-ground from implementing LEAN in all its forms, coaching staff as he has moved upward. Possesses a green belt in Six Sigma, still one of the few in Latvia with unsurpassed practical knowledge. MBA degree paper on ‘Efficiency in production”. Splendid command of English apart from local languages. Negotiating better terms for your business is another thing he can do for you. This Ace is available when the Right job comes along! Driver’s license.

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