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Coaching Job Seekers

I coach job seekers to improve their chances of winning a new position, of accessing the right people who take decisions and these efforts are not only targeting jobs on offer, but those that have not yet arrived in the market as they still are well lodged in the manager’s brain. This is what we in PRIME Recruitment refer to as Jobs' Creation and it is quite unique to the market.

My aim coaching you is to help unlock this potential before there is competition, another to build your strength in the application part of the process by looking at what could be improved. Thus there is a logic to what You and I will do together.

It is important to take steps in a logical order, and certainly we can take a chip at looking at your CV, applications, and how you target what you look for, but the best is if we work in a logical order as it is the whole idea that brings results, not the quick fixes not thought through.

It all starts with an interview and your profiling. The structure will both see us through, both seeing and better understanding how to pitch forward. Once done, we then attack how to approach the Employer and how to, and who, should do this.

That, and more we sort at a first meeting! 60-90 minutes where we learn what you want to achieve.
Payment as we agree, but in advance

Call or mail me, Henrik Mjoman, Riga!

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Working with PRIME Recruitment means you apply to a company in business from 1999, tracking back to 1995. Our clients work according to the Law and also respect the individual when it comes to what is agreed which should mean that you get your salary on time and as agreed if you have done your part.

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We are working with Baltics leading and biggest companies in different business sectors, like Production, Construction & Forestry/Farming, IT, Logistics, FMCG



We provide recruitment, that suits your specific needs an creates a competetive edge for your company!


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Get tailor-made training and courses within the areas of Sales, Team Building and the Thomas System!


The List - Networking

Make business happen at The L!ST, the most seriously fun business networking event in Latvia!



The Thomas System is the answer when you want to assess current staff and potential new employees!