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Networker's 'SIX' to Results Progressed....


Choose the topic   - the best one may be which attracts others but not you...
So do something different, be flexible. Take in!

Dress for the occasion - fit in and maybe fit out - we can't accommodate all

Be in good time - coming late may destroy your best effort, better come early and feel the setting...

Work the room and plan it - check the time you have available, break-time and who is there. Sitting down where you know everyone may not be the wisest, but remember to rekindle the contacts you have. Sometimes you may have to spend more time than planned, evenso!

Know why and what you can offer  - Listen - move on - maybe someone there can assist your choice?  Focus and don't 'hide with friends' until you're done.

Book there & follow -up - Write an email that same day or not later than the next.

At the end of the day -the best way to present oneself is exactly to hold a speech on your topic of choice. People see and hear and make their own assumptions, perceptions and remember things that interest them. To stay in their minds you need promote on a monthly basis - the same things or modified - but change something and present from a new angle, a new emphasis, maybe? Exemplify - that is best remembered.

SHARE, Like & COMMENT - whatever makes best sense to you!               
-Best is if you can tell the rest of us something that we may learn from! Remember, something emotional is easiest remembered...

PRIME Recruitment has via its international networking events, The LiST in Latvia during 8 years, created a lot of opportunity to put you and your product forward, as well as meet others more and less communicative. And place job seekers via individual coaching. The aim was always to secure new business and take care of old - and not lose opportunities. In the recruitment business from 1997 specializing in Matched Recruitment we aim to get it right with you the first time.    Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den. attention Henrik for direct contact.

We also run a language institute on Swedish and other languages and provide translations.  WELCOME to a PRIME world!


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Working with PRIME Recruitment means you apply to a company in business from 1999, tracking back to 1995. Our clients work according to the Law and also respect the individual when it comes to what is agreed which should mean that you get your salary on time and as agreed if you have done your part.

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