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What a Recruitment company need be to be chosen as partner...


Hello all,

I am writing this for the Baltic states - but it may well apply further - but it is here I see a larger need to get it right. Let's just establish that most people do NOT get placed via a Recruitment company, historically roughly a mere 15 % do.

The Baltic states are small and people here getting fewer. The weapon of recruitment has just been dug out, multi-media is still in its infancy, maintenance and motivating people, dialogue is often not here. Linkedin is still the unknown to people here - largely due to the language barrier but also because the whole idea of paying for help is challenged and the work of the Recruiter, difficult to evaluate, at best so people go to low-level agencies and frankly get what they pay for if not worse.

To help some along here are my six (6) criteria for selecting a representative of cast the first net to 'catch suitable fish - candidates for my corporation. Let's pretend I am not a Recruiter in that sense 'that I have a larger and more often returning recruitment need and am a company of size locally. But still, in the sense that I have done this before I am nailing these principles down - my comments are not necessarily in the right order, but reflect what I see....

1/ Ability to attract & deliver, invite to get the job done and frankly educate me as a customer. Sharing insights and avoids - warn me as a buyer! Keep bad people out - define BAD to international clients - think out-of-box!

2/ Ability  to interview and draw the right information from people, share the uncertainties and also tell why certain people are avoided, as well as no recruitment occuring with someone's friend unless the Client is told this is and why. Coach the candidate! Be generous!

3/ Years in the market - staff turn-over, their ability to interview in several languages. Maintaining the same company so experience base remains.  HONESTY from tax fraud, pirate IT programs, corruption and poor reputation - as in among other having stolen the database from someone else. Your standing.

4/ Level of internationalism - namely staff fluent in English apart from knowledge of the local languages. Fluency means not translating as they speak it but letting it flow... Preferably staff should have been abroad 3-4 years at least to have gained insights so they can assist their foreign client. And understand THEIR environment.
Also staff should be 35-45 to be able to contribute and have worked the same capacity a few years. Recruitment is not a career - it's a vocation! One online company I have spoken to have changed their key account mgr three times in the year and the English is dropping... and no one allowed to take decisions independantly...

5/ Testing people and fact-finding  about the Client, the market, the tasks expected to be performed by the individual and understood what the person may not be able to. Their reputation? Go into detail about the job description - e.g., how is the sales person going to build the sales, how is performance measured, how will the bonuses be distributed? What support and training or systems are put in place?

6/ Abilito say 'no' to working with certain Clients for ethical reasons, bad staff management, paying YOU poorly, no show at candidate presentations, lack of vision and frankly why they ask for things they don't need or are willing to pay for...or just because they cannot manage the situation at all...despite the MBA's..

The worst client in the Latvian & Baltic market is the one who calls up via a Secretary (they try hard and I feel sorry for them having to do this without support or training) but it illustrates well were it all starts. Their is no decision-taker, no personal involvement and no job description and he/she will not meet FIRST. Just asking HOW MUCH?  This is a very bad sign already. That Manager does not understand our job nor respect the company he she represents, nor the people he / she is inviting! That is just a waste of time for all. Many can also not handle writing an answer! As an organisation, make sure you know 'why you buy', 'what you buy, and 'how ready your organisation is for Quality'. -Otherwise you're in for a hard landing! 
Ánd it costs to repeat the show...

I as a recruiter realize I am irritating some people now but I dislike bad work and money waste as well as good people coming to harm. And YOUR money being wasted on bad performance! Just as well as top recruiters need be better paid - after all it is the delivery of the person you're employing that is key - there are plenty who are just average! Let's face it they cannot recruit you good people if you fail in retaining them and building them...

My suggestion is let's create more harmony in the local work places and build forward for sustained development and keeping our people here ...not in the U.K., or Ireland...but HERE! -They don't feel respected and all I meet are quite qualified... it hurts to meet good people and see them maltreated. We all make mistakes, let's now get rid of a few of them!

PRIME Recruitment has operated since 1999, trailing back to 1997 and 1994/95.
The Manager has previously worked in Recruitment in Stockholm in IT & Finance and has a tremendous record on matching people. In doing so with his listening and very capable clients, we get it right and aim to make people stay, motivated and performing beyond!!! They do. If this interests you let's connect and see how we can start to build your organisation forward and change the trend of seeing competent people leave. Latvia has good people - let's work on getting them at pole position!  WELCOME to PRIME Recruitment and Henrik Mjoman, now 21+ years in Latvia.

Press LIKE, SHARE or Comment!  Thank you staying with me so far!

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