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In desperation to win - we bend the truth in applications - a recruitment dilemma...


Dear All,

...working out of Latvia or the Baltic states as a recruiter you just like always wish to bring out the best in people and then attempt to be fair in selection by giving all an equal chance.
These my best efforts are often hampered by persons having others write their CV, their cover letter - yes even their diplomas were written by someone else - at cost. (Telling this just to illustrate).

In an increasingly competitive world to win is seen as a success. To be head-hunted something you can tell others - and here status is more important  than ever, sad then in an effort to do so, we as humans try cosmeticizing our story. This can be accomplished by having someone write my cover letter so there are no spelling mistakes - giving the impression I am fluent. Which means when challenged at my next posting, clients ask for fluency but don't check on the level needed, if not found out - I am salaried for a job I cannot do. That may cost!

In a recent assignment I deliberately wanted to put forward both genders in a predominantly male dominated industry - knowing that the market elsewhere was ready for what locally was less applicable - put it that way. I did find, and it was a very competent person. I also know that some people work better and harder than others (ooh, this is sensitive stuff to write about here!), and in the documentation asked for, we asked for it to be written in English. It was the best application of them all! -However, upon calling up to book the interview I heard a hesitancy, it was a little quiet, there was a heavy accent and it did not match the ' first impression' I had. I decided to proceed knowing anyone having the other  fundamental qualities are a short good and we have to look at these other features too, and then TRAIN people if we want good staff. Compromising if the personality is right!

To me, and that is what I wish accentuate here, it destroys the best intentions of my work as I cannot evaluate until I see the person and hours go by while I try to fish out the 5 best, the 5 worst, or what they bring to an organisation for lack of vocabulary. Thus Dear Reader - I much more prefer spelling errors and gram-mar mistakes and a real effort made, than perfection (as it is perceived) in applications. Nothing is ever perfect, and to try, is what we need look at!

I wish to stress that this example is just an example, my candidates are super people competent in their fields - but when the job puts them in harm's way or in for challenges communicating out of the region in another language than that of the every day, if not found out and checked by the proper person (recruiter) it may spell disaster. And it is also about understanding the meaning of what is said to you on a level that is more than pure semantics. And if you don't have that experience, you will miss out on much more - especially when you have no eye contact - and sorry, skype will not save the day! In short: Make sure you get what you need when you buy services and don't ask for what you don't really need. This latter will also lead to fair chance and better pricing of those pursuing new jobs or holding the positions they have. -Why pay for what is not needed?

Any comments on how to change attitudes? -We wrote in the advertisement we wanted the letters written by the person - not copy paste of a language level they cannot hold. Nothing seems to help...:))
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