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HONESTY in applications & openness - What do You think?


Dear Reader,

It is not often I run into this but last year in a process we ran we had a candidate who would not disclose the name of the current employer. I tried my best to ask this person to budge on the issue and disclose to me - but no. This highly irritated also my client whom later asked the same question and was met with the same answer - that this was 'confidential'. Now is it really? My client felt it was distrust in him and his organisation - which has a very god name- and told me frankly - this person is 'out'. And I can agree with him. Also.

It would be interesting if anyone here on LinkedIN could share their point-of-view what they think or would do?  You see the person has an excellent background otherwise - experience, education - and names of previous employers.

In the country we are gossip is rife, confidentiality is often tredded on, rumours travel fast and yes, it can put a person out of a job. Still the person obviously wishes to leave....and I thought that a year would have given time to reconsider.

I am glad for any opinion - both from anyone in general or professional recruiters such as myself.

Henrik Mjoman
PRIME Recruitment, Riga, LATVIA


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