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Playing to WIN! -How I improve my game of Golf...! And maybe(?).. Your's ?:)


This is not rocket science but something I have learnt over the span of my life to improve my game and compete better - with myself!:) I thought I'd share a few things that I believe are useful to most of us, but mostly this is aimed at the medium golfer, man or woman.

Let me just start by telling that my first steps, literally were taken on the Bandung Golf & Country Club (Indonesia), and I was less than 9 months old, but within my 5th year I was playing at home in Sweden in Sodertalje, going with my parents and when getting tired and having exhausted my strokes, I rode on my parents bags till the next hole. I averaged 20-25 meters.

There are a number small secrets to succeed - one of them is to not have an argument or too exciting things in the morning before going there to play, or to play competition for that matter. The risk is that you will carry that with you throughout the round and at the vital moment when addressing the ball, lose rythm and probably look up as you hit it, causing the ball to go to your right and probably losing not only that shot, but most likely the next and even the following one if you end up 'out-of-bounds', or in a water hazard, not to mention the woods or in some very tough ruff! Make sure instead to arrive well in advance so you have time to unload, off-load the equipment, put your golf shoes on and adjust you clothes:).

My next is then to go to the driving range, pick up the 30-60 training balls (they fly shorter than the regular ones with up to 30 yards), time depending and set about working your set. But just before that I do a bit of stretching - working my hips (like the best disco dancer!!:), waving my arms, bending my knees up and down and usually panting heavy until the organs are in tune. Once this part done, however, the first to do is to build confidence. -Thus don't start with the driver (Wood 1) that some clots seem to be teaching these days, but an Iron 7 which has a decent loft and is easy to follow through with! -Having done my 3-5 strokes, 140-metre-shots with that, I proceed downwards in numbers for every uneven number with the Iron 5, then the 3 before trying upwards with my Iron 4, 6, 8, 10 (wedge for some) and Sand Iron - because as I get to this last one, I have warmed up enough to secure a good hit. 110+ metres later we know if we did. Of course we did! And in the summer of 2014, on an unknown course after my short warm-up I went up to the first tee, noticed the waterhole, the bunkers but focused on getting to the flag (and only!). With a Sand Iron I then tee:ed off, missing the hole with just 12 centimetres, coming to rest in a straight line to stop just behind. Puh! I was shocked and my customer and host - equally so! (I actually had 2 more near-misses for Eagle later, hitting the poles on both occasions - it was just amazing!).

The next I do is taking on the might of the Large One - my 9-degree Driver, metal wood, Blue....! In these early hours and even let's say first two weeks I struggle to go the 210-230 metres on a good tee shot. However, once I warm up and the summer to me, my timing perfections and my best shots climb to the 250 or so metres...and I really have to pace myself so I don't hit the flight ahead. Because that's a sin, if not worse!:). However, if you can play alone while you are re-learning from the previous season - then you can go all out getting the timing, the knee and hip-movements synchronized, the arms, shoulder-movement and your HEAD glued to the ball from pulling your arms back to coming down, moving over your hands and starting to twist your wrist over, still with your head glued, your shoulders and you start to lift and when you reach the top, ONLY THEN can you afford to look for where the ball went! - -Having done what I just said - it should have followed a straight line and your position for the next be excellent! :) .

Having then made your 'workout' going through what remains, the Rescue, the Brassy (no.2 if you're lucky ot have one) or the Brassy (no.3) for either tee shots when a beginner until you master the Driver, or for playing fairways and ruffs, you can now withdraw having spent your 35-45 minutes to the Putting-green or why not Pitching ditto? -I usually do.

On the Putting green, just as when starting to drive your first practise strokes, it's important to build confidence. I usually unpack 4-5 balls and go where I can work on one hole or two three and work them the ball from a fair distance of 4-5 metres, which very much reflects where I am in most situation and start putting them to the hole. I always am thorough on keeping my head down, the ball in mid position under my nose, slightly to the forward side and make sure my right foot is slight kept back for stability. I have noticed I putt better and more accurate doing this, whereas too much left foot the ball may go to my left and not 'IN' the hole. It is also important to get the ball rotating so it sucks itself into the hole, and how you stand and of course hit, determines largely, your result. Most likely not in the hole with all but hopefully one, I then finish them off by putting the ball closest to the hole, downing it and then working my way out from the centre until the furthest. THIS is critical to building self confidence, going for the easiest first and working your way out. Having then done this for some 20-40 minutes, from different angles and lengths, slopes and what's time to move on.

I then go for pitching and as my Iron 7 is something of a favourite as it saves me so many long putts, I start working off from the foregreen just before the green proper. It doesn't take more than a few minutes and then I am in and start in fact downing many of the balls or make near-misses! This is another 20-30 minutes or and I change for the Iron 8 as this behaves, or rather the ball behaves diferently and often has that much wanted back spin that stops it rolling ro far, or worse even - off!:( Combining these here is were my Bogey becomes a par or I set myself up for a Birdie!:) . Eagles, I don't accomplish by putting, but at long distance shots of 140 metres or more not to mention my near-miss Albatross, but that was another story (Par 5, Agesta Golf, from the ruff, Wood 4 200+ metres up-hill to a plateau) the then hole no.8/18).

Anyway with this little exercise, I think we are ready for that coffee encouragement I usually go for or and once that is consumed I maybe go and wash my clubs... before walking up to the tee in good time so we can sort out who scores what, who wishes to go first (I stay practical - whoever is ready and first on tee - goes!) and then I look forward to the next 2 hrs 50 minutes of focus - less even if playing alone. Keeping it paced, short, focused I should made a good round, but it will usually take me 7-10 rounds before I am on my handicap, somewhere around -11. That is also why I am not in favour of large flights, too mixed a group of players as rythm is ALL in golf, and the other players knowing where they place themselves saving us all time and make sure we last in good order before becoming too hungry, too soon! Also, this part, the eating part is important for the result, and I always have a syrup beverage with me, some sweet and start eating from Hole no. 4 or 5. You see it takes about 3 holes until the effect is there and it is important not lose focus as it costs you and your fellow players if your balls go hay-wire! I have coffee w sugar, a hot-dog and a cinnamon bun at Hole no.9, without taking a break or less than 5 minutes if the pace allows, but also here it's easy to lose the rythm, so I usually play my next stroke BEFORE taking my break and then indulge in whatever nourishment I have.

The last 3-4 holes I drink more of my syrup (usually natural strawberry), have a chocolate bar ready and never think back on a bad result, only focus on the next - and if in competition, I even don't say a word but stick to myself and inside myself. If I get all this right, chances are good that I, at least after my first practise runs, will be among the runners up - weather allowing! :)

Enjoy your golf, whereever You are! I do! :))

Henrik has played golf since 1964, gaining his handicap of -30 in 1976. Encouraged to play competition at already the age of nine by his loving parents, as well as to train, it has helped him to set goals, think positively and remain focused. Visualizing to himself the arch of a successful tee shot, or the aiming on how to win and THINKING SUCH until the last putt is holed on Hole 18 it has lead to good results in club competitions, matches and a few Eagles - in Mixed golf, on other courses than that at home and also abroad in HongKong - Lantau.

I hope this has helped to convince you all is possible. It is not the equipment, the ball as much as it is in that ball you call the head...that decides your result. Train, listen to others, set tougher goals but start by achieving smaller ones first will get you there - it did for me, but my parents efforts with me is what really made a difference! Welcome to the world of golf - where the starting age is no limit, just the start of a long love- & -hate story where you play center stage! :))


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Succeed, break paradigms in Latvia & other! Liquidify the market and ENTER HOPE!


I suppose it is a sign of us getting older and hopefully wiser that we start thinking of how should I have done, or when seeing how markets go over time for commodities you start seeing patterns, and thesame goes for decisions on an individual level - to get the optimal out of what you have, and in hindsight discover when you were right. -This is what prompts me to write this article and try to lead people in the region, to maybe one or two better decisions that could be game changers. I have also not seen many who either provide such ideas/thoughts/advise or attempts to analyse in concerted form, so I welcome us a chance to try as a paratroopers do - a moment of 'free fall', with the difference that this jump lasts much longer until 'when' you have the reference point needed to measure against! That happens when it hits its respective maturity date! - Would You know when? Exactly, nor do I...just later in life! The word is you need to RISK !

Living in such a small society and surroundings that I do, where the country is more represents a transfer point to others than a base for long term and steady development, it is important to use the resources of the land but also be very open to change. Because it is change that will define us and the adaptability to what the world has in store for a small country. Size as in 'Small is beautiful' allows opportunity, but if you're blind to it or deaf to intuition, gut feeling, chance and risk - maybe you should choose a safer occupation? Become a librarian...but be careful... books became CDs'... a parking lot manager - oops, computers came and automized or selling photos and copying into paper - no, that became stored in clouds or on your PC - and soon even the PC is extinct because it's in your smart phone ...and that went faster than ever!

-So how shall we then navigate this world where nothing stays for long? Or where behaviours become that of the group as in collectivism, and how to find your own path - especially now when we have so much peer pressure (look how alike we dress - BLACK, all must have a ruck-sack, no one wears ties e.g.,) and still have parents who expect so much from you, like in Japan? At least they know unlike Sweden, the importance the child has good education...but also that is taken too far...

1/ Do the opposite.

One of the ways you can bring yourself success is actually by paying attention, listening to advise - but not always taking it. You see what is a trend today is probably gone in a few years and then everyone is stuck with it - like an education for instance. If we all become lawyers or business students - there will be a shortage of... Plumbers, Civil Engineers, CnC operators/machine builders., competent Policemen and military staff. -GO Pluralism! Just 500 plumbers are needed in Stockholm I heard! And what happened to apprentice schools - we need good metal urgists, tin roof layer persons - but who failed to listen and provide? And why must each country have a copy of the other one's educational facility, when maybe we need pool our efforts and educate some things in Estonia, other in Lithuania and a 4th in Copenhagen? Use resources wisely!

Today people, especially the young seem to think the internet is the only solution and becoming a developer is the only well-paid alternative! But is it now? And what if girls only chose what girls should here in the Baltic states and the men move away - we will have a lack of certain competences - NOW identify to yourself which these could be? And are we all matematical geniouses, what happens without who can't compute? What will those do who drop out before finishing the first 9 years? And yet again, bear in mind when for instance the men in World War II went to fight at the front - that became, just like in World War I, an opportunity for women to join jobs and positions which previously had been 'men only': -Munitions producers, aircraft welders and riveters, farm workers driving tractors and why not Transport Command in the U.K., ferrying Bombers from factories in the U.S. and Spitfires in the U.K., to the front line stations so that the men could deliver 'the blow' to the enemy!

LEAN management came about also as a result of the conveyor belt at the Ford factory and the need to speed up and cut costs but also save (later) on waste! Also when stream-lining the production of B-17 Fortresses or Liberty ships, where the former, or the Liberator (B-24's) were churned out at the rate of 55 pcs per hour in one factory, and the latter ended up being built in three (3!) weeks instead of the usual 6-12 months! Someone had to take another's place, and suddenly after women receiving the right to vote in the 1910's and twenties, the wars are probably what changed their and our lives the fastest and the most ! -Imagine 'what if, if' hadn't happened?

- The same anology you need to think up and frankly look for in your chrystal ball for, and here are some tips already present. If we are looking firstly at the Baltics (but it applies to those countries also giving up their traditional jobs), in the first years upon their liberation (early 1990's), seamstresses and the sewing industry was the one that swallowed masses of people. -Look today and find that the factories largely have moved either further East or developed technically further like in the former NIC-countries (Malaysia, Korea - once, Indonesia). Viet Nam has moved up, soon Burma, maybe Bielorus, certainly Slovakia and Hungary did the same in steel production drawing also upon tradition again in munitions production Tjeckoslovakia revelled in during its time, or seeing the production of ships leave Sweden and go to South Korea and India, except for very specialized producers in Germany (cruise ships), Finland (previousy ice-breakers at Wartsila) or Norway - with its marine industry -unique...but now moving East...

The answer to do the opposite is not as easy as it sounds - but if we use history in Latvia, the first years upon regaining freedom led to almost no one graduating in Construction, losing us largely a whole decade of engineers, and no demand for development engineers in production - there are things to learn! (-The only ones accessible were in the old assembly factories for IT equipment stolen over from the West and copied by the Soviets). THUS here is the first: Construction specialists - and speaking ENGLISH or other foreign languages. Existing now - approximately ZERO but at local labour costs (if looking into comparison)... And many workers and craftsmen with neither language skills nor any theoretical as regards business administration.

2/ READ the signs...and sniff out the changes coming

Finance people are another group of people. With the computerization of analytics in finance, accounting - stock and warehousing, logistics even - systems for the management its called CRM or ERP. What do we do with all those accountants? Financial officers trained to be from schools of Economics and other? - Well, we could see more in-sourcing to Latvia of traditional jobs in the former Western Europe as one example - but then what fails a small country again is lack of proper ENGLISH - despite decent labour costs....and so it is seen to move even further East - with Statoil sourcing functions out to China PROC or Poland! They're not better in English there - but at what? Cost, perhaps? More people available and thus choice? Better schooling? Harassment by authorities or the lack of imagination of incentives? Or the education levels needed and amount of people with foreign experience? -Find out quickly!

The education of physicians! Here Latvia has got it right - only it forgot to pay people when they got jobs upon graduation and the practise all need to gain a diploma. The answer is produce physicians and dentists for other countries and rent and sell!

Same is with aircraft repair! BRILLIANT Latvian technicians - SELL the idea of Latvia as a world hub and cooperate with brains from your closest neighboors if not enough ourselves. Keep our best here!! That will have spin-offs later, just like space travel has produced fire hardened products for Corning cook ware, or militay needs have led to being able to produce foodstuffs that last!

3/ Study differently to what is the trend -languages, education

China is on the move and so is Islam. How many 'Gramat Vedes' sorry Accountants do we have who speak Mandarin (Chinese dialect) . ONE, I think and only then very fundamental such. Is this representing an opportunity???? Why are Chinese settling in farms all over the country and why is this happening so quietly? Maybe we should ask more to come???!! The answer is the EU. Space, access and they know how to work - so how can we tap into that? Education? CHINESE!

What are we doing on Arab speakers? Or Japanese? Or Hebrew? -One very smart American company here has via the local management understood to tap into the minds of the well-educated young who speak languages..., who have found education here cheaper and better but after finding a spouse also they want to stay... and so the organisation sells the services they produce at competitive the world market.. Again allowing people to be different and not forcing them to speak the State language but trying to KEEP THEM HERE but by INVITING them to...!:)

4/ See opportunities where others don't!

Belarus - the last out post in Europe! -Maybe the wars'situation in the Middle East is an opportunity to in 'Calm Eastern Europe' produce things here away from bombs and rockets over Israel? Or maybe the opposite - people unemployed in the Palestinian world if having proper jobs placed THERE we may see work long term for a more stable peace... as shelling other is suddenly less interesting and thus fewer becoming victims of militant groups because they found new ways to contribute to society? Maybe all we see today is really about ENVY and being LEFT OUT without any real alternative? And little to compare with and to motivate by? WHO will be first to TRY investing THERE?!

Spanish is one of the fastest growing languages and no.2 after English in the USA. Opportunity?

Attract teachers of languages&business&technology, who upgrade the whole country making us the golden pot of educational training at lower cost than elsewhere! And churn out NEW people who can help the country's economy to grow - make a contract with them - free language training and 50% off on education costs - paid by the state but take 10% annually for 'x' years as pay-back to the State!

Tourism - the most money-making one is on events management (?)AND golf . The latter paying well, in advance, not boozing to much to cost the host country, but quick transfer to/from the airport, staying in their hotels except a bus ride or two? Or flying with the Baltic Bees a t 1600 EUR / time unit? And fly a famous MIG or Sukhoi in Moscow? Or pushing for more out door tourism, leadership training that my friend Oskars runs in Liepaja - that is what the tourists want. Fresh air health and untouched nature... but no body seems to support our entrepreneurs! With 400-700K of just Swedish golfers out of a 9.5-million population - Get on with it! Talk toEaston Golf who send people to Bulgaria, Hungary, and Czechia! Why not to exotic Lithuania and Latvia, and why only a second- grade ferry system here? Or on dirty warn-out ferries to Klaipeda? -That when BOTH countries are so beautiful and have so much to offer we send a truly ODD message...

5/ Take up on opportunities offered.

Some times we don't see opportunities even when just in front of us. OR like here we are so proctective about what we have got we don't want even the competence of those who can to be used at price they deserve, so we do all by ourselves and kill our own market? Maybe sometimes we need take a job at lower value to later on increase prices when we are better financed? Our PRIDE stops us so often HERE. Make money on it instead! Because everyone runs like chickens to do everyone's job, or copy another person's idea instead of buying it and focus on on growth, we find ourselves losing TIME, REVENUE and NEW ideas based on the previous and newly gained experience, plus what a stopper it is to initiatives in the market! -Pay better, and gain, and use, the same money more times PER TIME UNIT. Liquidify the local market and encourage one another but follow the law - don't cheat and PAY your Taxes! Compete on skills not on cheating... that negative attitude drives investments aimed for here to our neighboors...! Or to warmer far- away-countries... !

6/ When given a job offer where you don't know HOW - the classic - SAY 'yes' first, THEN learn the job! On the job. Employ talent and mentor and support, rotate people abroad! Don't be envious or skaudiigs! Splinter in competence on various levels and change costly local attitudes. Send VID-people (IRS) abroad for training to see things differently, attract and motivate differently, demand competence and pay key positions well. Have a job offer that disturbs the pattern or if you don't know 'HOW' - just Say 'yes' and figure out later! Invest in your staff - you can afford it! But set goals and make individual performance contracts and connect to remuneration. Be DIFFERENT. Advertise differently, be fun and act a leader! Stand out! Paint your factory ORANGE! No one wants the grey drabness of the Soviet Union back and do the same with the dreaful suburbs! Sell public housing at $1 and let the flat-owners take over but with a performance-based incentives & motivation system!

All these things are just a few examples - I am sure you have seen other things too. Put pressure on your politicians, vote them out of office and demand results, and frankly set their salaries against performance or change and fire! Don't excuse bad behaviour, punish it, WAKE up - soon we have no choice but to ask everyone else to live here - INSTEAD stay in charge of what you want and Make IT Happen! INSPIRE. LEAD ! YOU can do it!

Maybe even set up systems so we can run prisons for western Europe for less cost or Refugee camps! Make money, we have space! USE the opportunity. Act SMARTER!

And lastly someone has told entrepreneusr and people here that pay-back happens in 1-2 years. It doesn't! When I came here I spent weeks explaining to the tax people that profit might only come after 2-3 years, probably only in FIVE, and until then I needed their support. The banks are not doing their jobs not even offering a lousy 500 EUR credit when starting up! Find a way to finance this, and soon or put them out of business! In Britain companies are helped to set up by the City and even given cheaper premises, tax discounts like in Ireland!

Time also to kill the system where a start up person has to pay him-/-herself a salary when the money is needed for marketing and training and growth! Profit is not just around the corner, it takes years to build and have steady income. STAY with it no matter what and don't listen to short-sighted, foolish advise - follow your own path! Build your NAME - as in Reliability, RESILIENCE, RETURNING and RESULTS!

Want solutions to classis problems? PRIME Recruitment should be your answer to finding people that produce? That's what we do for our clients. We match, we place and they perform! AND for language training by people who speak mother tongue ! WELCOME to change!


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Preparing Yourself for the Interview - My 6!


When you're off to meet that dream company you wish to join there are a few things that may help you through it. They are quite trivial but things differ from culture to culture as well as what is asked of you and thus what you are used to so when going to a foreign company you are going because they ARE different and you want to be different too!

1/ Read up about the company and the country it comes from - be Hungry! -Try to imagine for yourself what other qualities that may demand of you, and what additionally you may need to learn to fit the culture and to develop further? -Languages and changing some of your attitudes. Moving and changing is all about leaving the comfort zone and letting fresh air in.

2/ The job itself and the advertisement. -What are they asking for, what are they exemplifying, what examples of your performance 'coincide' with this and how can you best bring this forward? Here is de facto your opportunity in your cover letter to prepare the ground for this your observation so the discussion may be continued WHEN you meet.

2b/ Hobbies and voluntary work - is positive - just THINK how it connects into you performance and or relevance for the job you are applying for. State such when it makes sense!

3/ Find out who wrote the advertisement, but ask in the passing - because you're going to be an expert on that ad and refer to it where it backs you up and creates ideas for you. That may well land you the job...but don't be in their face!

4/ Learn your features, how do they spill into your work, what fits the position? What are the best things you have achieved and how do they carry you forward?

5/ Be on time. Notify when late - KNOW the location beforehand! Keep promises, be helpful.

6/ Try to keep fit no matter what. It shows and what ever people say - they think. If you're not - Work on it! You may even use that as an argument there and then:)

Answer what they ask, make pauses, breathe. Don't ask too many questions, don't bombard!

Taking notes & bringing notes show you have given it thought. SAY you want the job and tell why! MEAN it! Look in the eye of each person present. Don't forget anyone! Shake hands well, meet their eyes when¬. Leave well and write a thanks when you get home and if you're interested - Say so! And if you made a mistake write that too... it may strike a cord with someone...

And don't bring up salaries UNTIL they do. But be discussable so you become the / woman ...standing! time we meet - I want FEEDBACK! Deal?

PRIME Recruitment operates Pan-Baltic since 1997, trailing back to 1994 when the owner first came to Latvia. Services in western fashion include MATCHED Recruitment, THOMAS (DISC), Networking and assisting its clients in every best way. Connect with us and tell what you need!:)

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-How to Remember when Networking & Make the Most of it!


No doubt this is one of the trickiest when meeting people and there are of course techniques, each has one's own on how to remember a person's name and thus avoiding later embarrassment:). Still, I just embarrassed myself so I decided to write this and maybe it helps someone? I need ad I use some 2-300 cards per every two months and reportedly 22,000 are out in the city alone over a 12.

In my case I as a foreigner entered a new country where the first challenge was the language barrier. That of Latvian and Russian. It was however not only MY limitation alone -no, it's a two-way-street, but also that of the local's. - Way back when, in those days (late 1990's), very few here spoke English, more possibly German. Add to that, the cultural part of ''do's and don'ts'', and we all are differ-rent even reacting to things individually on the same matter - then the challenge has been set:

- How to Conquer the networking floor at a given event when you are not in home territory?
-Well, you have to a plan and stick to it just as you need follow through and do your home work. To me networking is serious - I study up beforehand on who is coming, I match that against potential opportunities for my clients and for myself, you see sometimes nothing will work out for me - but if I go there, I might as well work for my client who may not have time - and in the process make it worthwhile an event - this opening me up to more opportunities as I can shoot from a different angle

When you come to the event you should:

1/ Have a list of those presence and better still, updated since last. A badge cer-tainly helps - a Canadian lawyer-friend I know brings his own - so now I do too! People are shy - this allows people to ask! Take a good look, divide the room and work your way through!

2/ Keep your time - you know what you have to accomplish - meet old clients and meet potentials. Stay a way from friends until the job is done unless of course you have ground to cover with them.

3/ Speak to the organisers and see if they think there is someone you should meet - after all they may have last- minute information. Proceed and remember not al-ways the noisiest have the most to contribute, look up the others too!

4/ Set a goal for yourself that no matter what, you will speak to X number of people on that occasion. Even if you are bored, you have come there so make the most of it! Don't stop until you reached the goal. A client made here may save you a lot of effort elsewhere and you beat the competition to it! Initiate a conversation and move on and return later, thus giving both of you a chance to meet more people. -Never cling on to someone, they may just as you have paid dearly to be there and sacrificed regular work to allow to feed on new information.

5/ View not only the topic / headline as an opportunity in itself, but as a carrot drawing a hungry rabbit! Seek out where there is variety, step out of the comfort zone and have your business cards ready. Seat yourself to a dinner with a few unknowns! -Coming to networks these days are many without cards. That's un-forgivable - make your own if none are given you! I use several, and for different businesses - or memory cards I make to hand over. This way you always have something new to bring but also something for the recipient to remember you buy. Repetition means remembering - and this helps me on, and makes it a 'win -win' for all!

If you cannot find a networking opportunity, go to the local international hotel, buy a magazine and a drink and sit in the bar or lobby, observe and strike up conver-sation! - Now how is that for job seeking? At home we learn nothing! My father used to take the bus to town, go to one of the larger hotels for a few hours. He was one of the best large client sales person I knew. Inspirational. -Thank you, Dad, you showed them!

Now if I have mentioned what I do to succeed, equally important is to remember whom you spoke to and the follow up after. Omit the latter you are better off at home. When I have been networking I try to re-connect within hours, I keep any promises made and I assist people meeting one another - like giving my client that lead I picked up. WE all need that, and in fact a gentleman I recently met here on LinkedIn had met me at a networking a few years back. A few weeks ago he made himself known on face book. TODAY he skyped a lead for me and I am very exci-ted!!!

Personal recommendations are everything, and with this new contact we actually shared common history having served in the Forces.This helps to bridge gaps and builds trust! And again, he and I can always check the other.. or we feel the other person much faster. Time may be short in business, but then very important is who you let in....!

-Last. Remembering the 'whom and what' - well, I take notes and scribble down on their cards what they were wearing, what our topic was, when and where, even some peculiarity - and you know what? -This STICKS to my mind! TRY it!

Was this useful? LIKE, Share or COMMENT, and tell what do You do?

PRIME Recruitment and partner Henrik Mjoman have been active in the Latvian and Baltic recruitment scene since 1997, trailing back to 1994 and 1995. Matching the right person to the right job is the trademark of the company, selecting via THOMAS profiling and training in this effectively provides the icing on the cake! Connect with us at so we can help secure your processes!

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Standardized CV's not the answer...or?


As a Recruitment company manager my job is to read the CV's among other. With this also the cover letters and then of course to run the interview, test and later reference check the person - which means after a few meetings you have a firmer grasp of whom you have in front of you. THAT together with spending time with your client/-s is the key to matching and correctly putting two people together.

What I however find is an increased use of ready-made CV templates -which on the one hand is an improvement for all of those who don't take their job search seriously and prefer to standardize, but for the world focusing more on the individual is a contra diction. It is of course possible to view these and then put your own together - do so!

You see it is very simple: the Recipient is not the same person from company to company or organisation, and you need adapt your CV to the kind of organisation you are writing to, how much time this person has to review you, they type of position your candidacy is for and definitely this person's personality - if you manage to gauge that - which you can if you pay attention or care to find out.

The other day I viewed a highly technical CV which in its correctness held every dot, comma or hyphen but which was impenetrable from my, the reader's point-of-view. It was a killer. I would have skipped this candidate and that is not what he/she wants. It is advisable to adapt the info, headline and use attachments which are not the CV, or leave it out altogether offering to produce these at a later time. Ask yourself how you would feel with 150 applicants to process?


1/ Adapt your info to what is required

2/ Headline so we read what we want and don't have to look at your phone number bottom-of-page or email for that matter.

3/ Order -general chronology - here it comes:

-When you are within 5-7 years upon graduation it may be a point to show Education first...(otherwise well-down after work experience) and if you are technical or the recipient is - then maybe that is better. They wish a logic, more correct and rigid approach -if to generalize.

But for those of us who are focused on WHAT you have done in 'real life' the LAST we wish to read are to see the dates 'when' first (often left hand corner), and followed by headlines on every issue in the next column to clarify what to read (Recruiters do have brains:), AND only then followed by Title of your post, Name of the Organisation / Company, Where it was, and the Relevant information on turn-over, number of staff and THEN when you were there. The circumstances of your post speaks ..miles..

Then, if this could be followed by a number relevant points for the positions you're aiming for in the advertisement, which means each CV has to be tailor made this could be the difference between failure and success. And certainly about how you are viewed and whether your CV goes to the next step for an interview. The Cover letter added opens up to more business but write about you and what strikes you in the advert and how that fits with your education+experience = competence. Be different! -You see, the standard CV is not you, and in this world it is the YOU we want...and that person to be seen making an effort... and we want to be enthused b y You... -Without of course being cunning and appraising us too much as that also is a ' no go' if not sincere, or we know you or your source:) .

In this world where we have so many rules to follow, or need to be seen to follow the rules we as professionals are looking for that special someone who has personality and dares, rather than the one behaving like the pack...And b y the way you don't need be be the best (whatever that is per definition), Managers never choose those anyway...

I hope this helps some of you...

Press a LIKE if so !
-Wish YOU the Best of Success!

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