Just like when having a long-standing relationship it is having a motivated employee.

It starts already on the interview when you first meet them, and certainly in how they were invited. Having an appropriate induction plan cements the early part of the relationship, then it need be followed up and continued in new directions such as projects taken on involving more people employing a whole system that simply keeps that initial 'spark'.

My focus here is how to take care of people leaving - which is often a costly affair to small companies with poor resources - evenso we need dry our tears and move on! Once a person has decided to leave you shouldn't start to 'bribe' them to come back...but you need analyse the why and work to mend this - and fast. It may not be a quick fix, it may mean the overhaul of many things but it need be handled and the issues sought out.

An exit interview is certainly one way of picking out the information - and this may differ if done immediately upon leaving or six months laters - in fact you need do both. But leaving that is how this person is treated as they leave -certainly the circumstances decide and it may be best the person leaves- but otherwise like my lady manager left when my time was up - she asked me, and asked knowing I was moving overseas, if I needed anything - for me these were rather costly at time, books for studying Latvian. The sum was mentioned and she 'Henrik, get the receipts, give them to me, I will imburse you! And she did. I still have them, I was the only one who had - and I never forget. This was one of my BEST experiences!

My last day in the office all staff had made an effort - 46 of the credit handlers in this state body for student's loans, CSN, had let the hat walk round! -They bought me a tie, a tie pin, a nice card and I think a small bottle of Champaign:). I was asked up on the stage, they wished me well! We kept contacts and I visited them for years. Even those whom I had not been close to, even the opposite, l were friendly and I sent them cards telling of my new life. Thus the staff & management had the good grace of taking care of their legacy - for future!

This example is only one - BUT it helps you recruit new people, I always spoke well of them, the fact that all came out from their rooms to say their goodbyes now 20 years ago speaks miles! In today's world where you can read on web sites about grumpy employers...this can well be like a bush-fire sweeping over your organisation. Having to handle that sort of battle damage when recruiting for you, unless I have been informed, literally stops all recruitment in its tracks! The same on the 'intake' of new stars - allow them to be different and maybe outgrow you. Handle that and allow them to leave positively! I take mine out to dinner, or gave a subscription of a magazine and membership my 'STAR' loved.

Of course severance pay, and unpaid bonuses should be in this package too - who knows you may this way find a good customer standing on your porch or a business opportunity or them coming back buying your services. -So HANDLE with CARE - Your life may just hang on it!

..And I have never forgotten my good Bosses at Statoil, the Navy, CSN, ERICSSON, NORDBanken...


-Any feedback? -How would you do it? Maybe how we can improve things all of us?