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When's the Season for Recruitment?


There is NONE. It's all year, all the time and when you least expect it.

I read an article the other day here on LinkedIn about where a Swedish consultant said that when people come in from vacation...they have new ideas when they come back - and as an employer it is evermore important you re-connect and have a Kick-off(!!) as the vacation times are past. Maybe throw a party, set an agenda WITH each one and MOVE on it. Take your key people out, celebrate something! Buy the women flowers or a bottle of wine and always deliver p e r s on a l l y. Don't you? -Tell me what you do?

If summer is a season then Xmas is yet another and the best time to get people is on their RECRUITER now's your chance -invite over for a chat, post on your site, mail your favourites. I do. Do the opposite of everyone else! Be personal. But still, each time I aim to be better! -How about you?

My best recruitment season ever was when I recruited for a large international logistics company and one of their directors offered to sit through with me the ENTIRE Easter so we could get it right. Arkadijs helped understand how locals think - and the experience was priceless! Of the people we met on that weekend I placed three within a week and one staff for myself - 'that one' became my star. She knows who she is. She still is.

People get bored - tired from meeting their relatives, repetition and they want out and want to be seen. Your job is to stir them, charm them - still you've got to be honest - but it is a ''win-win'' for both of you. Stay connected. I do - and have for 18 years.

Advertise so ads come first thing AFTER Xmas - and be unorthodox - put it in the paper newspaper.....send a LETTER. I once made a campaign with cards that people could pick up in a bar....and a lottery for every x CV / lead I would get - I had a bottle of whisky, for a prize! Another time I set a booth faraway in the countryside to see what it would yield & a lottery with prize and all! -They'd never seen a lottery before that anyone had equal chance to win at, let alone heard of Recruitment! It was a blast so I repeated it Day 2.

-Finally I 'co-sponsored' an expedition to Antarctica where they were climbing a local peak and it was agreed they would put my flag on the highest mountain... Needless to say we took pictures of the FIRST Recruitment Company on the South Pole.... Thanks again Juris Ulmanis!!

BREAK the paradigm! Be interested. Surprise them!

Make people feel good - you will BOTH be rewarded!


Henrik Mjoman, PRIME Recruitment in the city where the Xmas tree was born - RIGA Latvia:)

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