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Horoscopes & Recruitment - S E R I O U S?!


Recruiting Flesh & Blood is not Voodoo....

Now and then when I interview, the candidate suddenly interrupts him-/herself and says: '' well you know what, it's because I am a Virgo'....and I am so amazed each time, I don't know what to say. Thus this evening I made a Round Robin calling another fellow recruiter, a politician, a fellow Swede, another fellow Swede who knows Latvia and Eastern Europe well and yet another two people. From all walks of life, aged 43-60, I asked their opinion.

-What came out was that my ex-Boss, a Recruiter had never come across it ever in his entire career - whereas we over here in the 'Near-East' had heard it both at every interview... Had it been in Sweden - I would probably have discarded that candidate..

We agreed that it was hardly the ideal answer to say but each have their opinion, we need respect it and perhaps follow up with a question or two 'How so', or 'Explain further' and then weigh those answers together with other responses to understand the validity.

Many years ago I was asked to give in an offer for a recruitment job to an international company here to look for a replacement for the manager who had to depart early. The person briefing me suddenly made a remark under what sign he was born ...and my mouth fell open and I must have looked dumb.....and to be frank, I tried to collect my self but have always been a bad liar... (I don't at all) and I can't have concealed it well, because we never go the job...:))...

-This leaves me to go to you, the Readership, -what's your take when people make such remarks and confess to believing? How do you handle it and Do you think it has any implications?

Living mid sixties in the Far East we had the Chinese Lunar years. Writing then 1966, it was the year of the Fire Horse which was the worst that could happen to a family. Many Chinese women as a result had abortions when they realized they would have children that year.

-Well, I have met both good and bad 1966'ers and it is really not their fault...but the story went that we should avoid anyone born that Year.... -What's Your point of View? -I mean many of us believe in God, so where do we draw the line? Or the Chinese LUNAR years? And I believe in people, despite all! -And why shouldn't I?


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