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CV's short but INFORMATIVE


I have recently had the great pleasure of looking through CVs but also noticed we need try more. In short they are often too irrelevant, contain too little of the RIGHT information and also issues NEW, need go in there.

We also need think more of 'Who is the Reader' and to individualise ALL applications - sure you may have a standard for emergencies - but each job is a project of its own! Each person receiving is a human - technical people tend to want it short and no emotion (facts & figures). Sales managers may want more of your results - Take the chance to express this! Also in the cover letter! Boast nicely:)!

What I noticed is that some have 6-9 pages and are still just around 40. I suggest you cut down or have a Plan B -CV so you can send more, but try keeping it around 2-3-4 pages for this age group, and if to make an appendix of early jobs when/if someone asks. Thus 'OUT them' from the current day CV!

On LinkedIn here too many start with the present job and no history - I wouldn't trust to link up with such a person - ever!

Each job should have the company name, place and time you worked and broken down into months at least.

HOLES need be explained. One such is Maternity. Nothing to be ashamed of - and women, I suggest you headline these and the time so people see! Maternity is a job and it developes you and your other half - maybe you should put a line in HOW? I would!

Military service to the nation - why not mention how it developed you? Time, what when.

Add how many in your work places, sections & department so, sales revenues or turn-over - BUILD the image of your greatness. DATES at the end - no one wishes to read when in the beginning, they want the WHAT position, where and how in dot form.

Same owner / employer? - Tell so, make one general headline, have sub-headlines and show they employer keeping you on. THAT must mean something. TELL YOUR STORY!

Skip references! -Write may be made available upon request. Don't wear them out. Make sure they are not corrupt! Your GOOD name is everything and good only once...

Put in hobbies that develop you and deliver better work performance or open up the interest of the interviewer - that may give you fast-tracking to the next step...:))

Last - write it yourself - we take notice at interviews. A ghost writer is not you.

All this put together and possibly with a nice selling photo helps us sort and you to WIN!

-Do we have any takers out there? -Suggestions of what You do? HELP us!

Henrik Mjoman, Recruiter Former unemployed. Looked for 320 jobs and spoke on national, Swedish television to share with others.

If I could without internet and smart phones, You can even better!!!

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