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Talking yourself out...of the job interview...


It's happened again. A talented individual who should have got the job didn't.


Talked to much.

Took over the interview.

Never letting the interviewer come in continue...


...and yet the interviewer/-s forgot to set rules, played along and said nothing (so you sit there thinking all is fine and never notice...and continue talking...)...and OUT before you knew it




Remedy:..when you are candidate ...

-tell yourself quietly to shut up. Shut up. and SHUT UP !

Try to answer only what they ask. Then breathe. See the reaction. Possibly ask if it answered the question. Don't forget to look at all present to see...

Wait till the next question.

Often they ask you to tell about yourselves. They don't want the whole story, many don't know what to ask, they just want to see if you can start, structure yourself and finish. And then ask the next question. So choose your start, rehearse in front of the mirror or your parents or your spouse... don't forget to stop. Try to modulate your voice. A monotonous chant becomes someone's sleeping pill. Modulate your melody of English as it should be!

One of my excellent clients, T, didn't know the answer to a question, he asked for a break to..visit the boy's room. He did.The Interviewer lost it. T., made it to the next level.

Just do what they ask even if you have rebellion inside. Look to- and address all now and then, show you have social competence. Accept the coffee or tea or water - it shows ability to interact - a 'no' is not a good start.. Any sales person knows to start the meeting with a ' yes'. This is a sales situation.

A few weeks ago I had a person wanting to tell how she saw things and how she'd fit the company. I welcomed it! Few can sell themselves...BUT choose 1-2-3 short things from the advertisement, allude maybe to what someone of them said. SHUT Up! Breathe. Give them a SOFT if it was your personality... !:) Look in the eye .. a little - what feels natural - don't over do.

And wait.

Another one - don't say that you are not going to work for them in five years and about your freedom, ideas of opening a company (say that is only stupid dream many years from now) instead of how you fit them and fit IN without being pretentious... and MEAN it. If you have a dream say maybe in 10 years time, I have to collect much more experience...make sure it doesn't sound you're gon'na let them pay for the education...

Some one got the job. Maybe that's good enough. Sadly not the best person. That is awful! But many are afraid of the best... being seen as incompetent - because some are...

-We all want the job, to be seen, to perform and to be appreciated. It's so difficult to say what will work on one does not on the other. People working for larger organisations are afraid to fail. GM's at factory in the countryside need possibly gamble, they have no one to ask and frankly a lot do and get on with it. My client gambled and they succeeded. The CFO position was won, person was groomed and internationalised and the candidate 6+ years down the line is in China. The Client himself earned his a prolongation, and eventually was asked to build a new plant - from scratch. Turkey!

I am not cynical. It's how it is. Work with me...I will try to coach you the Client & You, the Candidate. On one condition, though - I need new learning from you. Let's WIN together!


Any comments? Let's change things, okay?

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