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Standardized CV's not the answer...or?


As a Recruitment company manager my job is to read the CV's among other. With this also the cover letters and then of course to run the interview, test and later reference check the person - which means after a few meetings you have a firmer grasp of whom you have in front of you. THAT together with spending time with your client/-s is the key to matching and correctly putting two people together.

What I however find is an increased use of ready-made CV templates -which on the one hand is an improvement for all of those who don't take their job search seriously and prefer to standardize, but for the world focusing more on the individual is a contra diction. It is of course possible to view these and then put your own together - do so!

You see it is very simple: the Recipient is not the same person from company to company or organisation, and you need adapt your CV to the kind of organisation you are writing to, how much time this person has to review you, they type of position your candidacy is for and definitely this person's personality - if you manage to gauge that - which you can if you pay attention or care to find out.

The other day I viewed a highly technical CV which in its correctness held every dot, comma or hyphen but which was impenetrable from my, the reader's point-of-view. It was a killer. I would have skipped this candidate and that is not what he/she wants. It is advisable to adapt the info, headline and use attachments which are not the CV, or leave it out altogether offering to produce these at a later time. Ask yourself how you would feel with 150 applicants to process?


1/ Adapt your info to what is required

2/ Headline so we read what we want and don't have to look at your phone number bottom-of-page or email for that matter.

3/ Order -general chronology - here it comes:

-When you are within 5-7 years upon graduation it may be a point to show Education first...(otherwise well-down after work experience) and if you are technical or the recipient is - then maybe that is better. They wish a logic, more correct and rigid approach -if to generalize.

But for those of us who are focused on WHAT you have done in 'real life' the LAST we wish to read are to see the dates 'when' first (often left hand corner), and followed by headlines on every issue in the next column to clarify what to read (Recruiters do have brains:), AND only then followed by Title of your post, Name of the Organisation / Company, Where it was, and the Relevant information on turn-over, number of staff and THEN when you were there. The circumstances of your post speaks ..miles..

Then, if this could be followed by a number relevant points for the positions you're aiming for in the advertisement, which means each CV has to be tailor made this could be the difference between failure and success. And certainly about how you are viewed and whether your CV goes to the next step for an interview. The Cover letter added opens up to more business but write about you and what strikes you in the advert and how that fits with your education+experience = competence. Be different! -You see, the standard CV is not you, and in this world it is the YOU we want...and that person to be seen making an effort... and we want to be enthused b y You... -Without of course being cunning and appraising us too much as that also is a ' no go' if not sincere, or we know you or your source:) .

In this world where we have so many rules to follow, or need to be seen to follow the rules we as professionals are looking for that special someone who has personality and dares, rather than the one behaving like the pack...And b y the way you don't need be be the best (whatever that is per definition), Managers never choose those anyway...

I hope this helps some of you...

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-Wish YOU the Best of Success!

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