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Preparing Yourself for the Interview - My 6!


When you're off to meet that dream company you wish to join there are a few things that may help you through it. They are quite trivial but things differ from culture to culture as well as what is asked of you and thus what you are used to so when going to a foreign company you are going because they ARE different and you want to be different too!

1/ Read up about the company and the country it comes from - be Hungry! -Try to imagine for yourself what other qualities that may demand of you, and what additionally you may need to learn to fit the culture and to develop further? -Languages and changing some of your attitudes. Moving and changing is all about leaving the comfort zone and letting fresh air in.

2/ The job itself and the advertisement. -What are they asking for, what are they exemplifying, what examples of your performance 'coincide' with this and how can you best bring this forward? Here is de facto your opportunity in your cover letter to prepare the ground for this your observation so the discussion may be continued WHEN you meet.

2b/ Hobbies and voluntary work - is positive - just THINK how it connects into you performance and or relevance for the job you are applying for. State such when it makes sense!

3/ Find out who wrote the advertisement, but ask in the passing - because you're going to be an expert on that ad and refer to it where it backs you up and creates ideas for you. That may well land you the job...but don't be in their face!

4/ Learn your features, how do they spill into your work, what fits the position? What are the best things you have achieved and how do they carry you forward?

5/ Be on time. Notify when late - KNOW the location beforehand! Keep promises, be helpful.

6/ Try to keep fit no matter what. It shows and what ever people say - they think. If you're not - Work on it! You may even use that as an argument there and then:)

Answer what they ask, make pauses, breathe. Don't ask too many questions, don't bombard!

Taking notes & bringing notes show you have given it thought. SAY you want the job and tell why! MEAN it! Look in the eye of each person present. Don't forget anyone! Shake hands well, meet their eyes when¬. Leave well and write a thanks when you get home and if you're interested - Say so! And if you made a mistake write that too... it may strike a cord with someone...

And don't bring up salaries UNTIL they do. But be discussable so you become the / woman ...standing! time we meet - I want FEEDBACK! Deal?

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