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Latvia: My view of 3 disasters in local recruitment!


Dear Reader,

There is a lot we all can improve when recruiting people as EMPLOYERS, here I will just name three (3) very local headaches that taken away and properly addressed, would improve for us all. They are predictability, promises kept and a solid induction plan with a person's forward maintenance structure. Since I originally wrote this article (now writing Nov 2015), I have not heard anything to the better on this, in fact I hear that still the foreigners in Riga, ably supported by local recruitment companies largely have no clue how to solve this. PRIME Recruitment and I do!

1/ Predictability. People have lost faith in one another, the system and definitely with their employers. The headline is deliberately short as the subject is large and not one solution possible but a number of issues to be addressed. This is one thing we in PRIME Recruitment can assist you with - and it needs attention as it is one reason people leave jobs and also Latvia. And no one comes to take their place.

2/ Promises. I don't make promises to people unless I aim to keep them. Same goes for you - don't lure people to your company offering salaries' raises after 'x' time and then when that period has passed excuse it away by saying you have a crisis - when clearly your company hasn't. Many years ago I had a Nordic business acquaintance who's no.1 staff came to me in a process I was running for a Managing Director's post. He had been promised a large bonus if he reached all sales targets - and he did, only to find out they would not pay, simply because they never thought he could reach the levels and now  saw it would cost them to¬. This after several years working together. He left and the owner-managers were gob smacked! I wasn't. If people achieve pay them more, surprise them even! It is not just a person you lose, you lose momentum - and that is frankly everything and will have falling sales revenue to match. And what is the signal you send to the rest of the organisation?!!!

3/ Induction plan. Most companies I see that I luckily  don't work with have got all of this wrong. They don't know what kind of person they want, thus not the individual's needs, they don't have a plan to introduce (train, connect, follow-up, get to know people, visit clients and how, company history, philosophy) the new person into the company, and they basically leave them hanging from Day 1 without proper attention. They also fail to train them in what's missing or in planning together with the person what's in store for the coming year. -Frankly, local employers, this costs you and together with the above make you unattractive. In a day and age when competition for good people is getting tougher and we also have competition from abroad, not only do we lose the good ones we have, but the word gets around and substitutes are yet harder to find. You can be sure that the word travels fast and there are even web sites in Latvia where people discuss companies anonymously and it is harmful and the information may even be wrong. Think about it! These three failing challenges to meet are the best way to attract Latvian staff elsewhere, where  yes, they may have to worker better and harder - but you know what? -They like to because there is a plan made for their development over 6- 12- 18-months and updated along the way! And properly managed, will deliver better which could make Latvia a better place too!

To manage these three of so many issues and to come to terms with them and start to build away from these negatives is something you may recognize I am sure also as a bystander. Something I see every day. It creates work for Recruiters and as it seems no one draws the right conclusions. I am deliberately harsh about this here and now, it is not only a Latvian problem -also local foreigners, some very successful lose staff because they themselves are inexperienced and have been placed in Latvia to learn, but also the people they appoint don't know enough as they have nothing to compare with other than their own country. And add to that they may not want to recruit the best for fear of losing their job to a new person more clever than they! It's like having a bad goalie in your football team, and then one or more of your own players turn around and start shooting at him in turn(!?), instead of the opponent!

-Choose the right recruitment company with which you can have proper, intelligent dialogue with and build with them together for the long haul! Make sure to know find out and know what people really are motivated by, and fix it! In our company deep talks and the THOMAS system assists with this and the people placed are so much happier for it! Make sure it includes paying the right amount in return for work performed and an incentive added to keep that momentum. PERMANENTLY.

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PRIME Recruitment and its forerunner have been in business since 1995 and focus on BEST deliver to our clients, in dialogue with she / he to secure the right recruitment, the best hiring and maintenance through dialogue among other via the THOMAS D I S C profiling system. Once that is in place you will see their and your motivators, strengths and leadership in communication. This makes you strong and an organisation that attracts. Can we ever afford to be without? -Talk to Henrik!

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