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-How to Remember when Networking & Make the Most of it!


No doubt this is one of the trickiest when meeting people and there are of course techniques, each has one's own on how to remember a person's name and thus avoiding later embarrassment:). Still, I just embarrassed myself so I decided to write this and maybe it helps someone? I need ad I use some 2-300 cards per every two months and reportedly 22,000 are out in the city alone over a 12.

In my case I as a foreigner entered a new country where the first challenge was the language barrier. That of Latvian and Russian. It was however not only MY limitation alone -no, it's a two-way-street, but also that of the local's. - Way back when, in those days (late 1990's), very few here spoke English, more possibly German. Add to that, the cultural part of ''do's and don'ts'', and we all are differ-rent even reacting to things individually on the same matter - then the challenge has been set:

- How to Conquer the networking floor at a given event when you are not in home territory?
-Well, you have to a plan and stick to it just as you need follow through and do your home work. To me networking is serious - I study up beforehand on who is coming, I match that against potential opportunities for my clients and for myself, you see sometimes nothing will work out for me - but if I go there, I might as well work for my client who may not have time - and in the process make it worthwhile an event - this opening me up to more opportunities as I can shoot from a different angle

When you come to the event you should:

1/ Have a list of those presence and better still, updated since last. A badge cer-tainly helps - a Canadian lawyer-friend I know brings his own - so now I do too! People are shy - this allows people to ask! Take a good look, divide the room and work your way through!

2/ Keep your time - you know what you have to accomplish - meet old clients and meet potentials. Stay a way from friends until the job is done unless of course you have ground to cover with them.

3/ Speak to the organisers and see if they think there is someone you should meet - after all they may have last- minute information. Proceed and remember not al-ways the noisiest have the most to contribute, look up the others too!

4/ Set a goal for yourself that no matter what, you will speak to X number of people on that occasion. Even if you are bored, you have come there so make the most of it! Don't stop until you reached the goal. A client made here may save you a lot of effort elsewhere and you beat the competition to it! Initiate a conversation and move on and return later, thus giving both of you a chance to meet more people. -Never cling on to someone, they may just as you have paid dearly to be there and sacrificed regular work to allow to feed on new information.

5/ View not only the topic / headline as an opportunity in itself, but as a carrot drawing a hungry rabbit! Seek out where there is variety, step out of the comfort zone and have your business cards ready. Seat yourself to a dinner with a few unknowns! -Coming to networks these days are many without cards. That's un-forgivable - make your own if none are given you! I use several, and for different businesses - or memory cards I make to hand over. This way you always have something new to bring but also something for the recipient to remember you buy. Repetition means remembering - and this helps me on, and makes it a 'win -win' for all!

If you cannot find a networking opportunity, go to the local international hotel, buy a magazine and a drink and sit in the bar or lobby, observe and strike up conver-sation! - Now how is that for job seeking? At home we learn nothing! My father used to take the bus to town, go to one of the larger hotels for a few hours. He was one of the best large client sales person I knew. Inspirational. -Thank you, Dad, you showed them!

Now if I have mentioned what I do to succeed, equally important is to remember whom you spoke to and the follow up after. Omit the latter you are better off at home. When I have been networking I try to re-connect within hours, I keep any promises made and I assist people meeting one another - like giving my client that lead I picked up. WE all need that, and in fact a gentleman I recently met here on LinkedIn had met me at a networking a few years back. A few weeks ago he made himself known on face book. TODAY he skyped a lead for me and I am very exci-ted!!!

Personal recommendations are everything, and with this new contact we actually shared common history having served in the Forces.This helps to bridge gaps and builds trust! And again, he and I can always check the other.. or we feel the other person much faster. Time may be short in business, but then very important is who you let in....!

-Last. Remembering the 'whom and what' - well, I take notes and scribble down on their cards what they were wearing, what our topic was, when and where, even some peculiarity - and you know what? -This STICKS to my mind! TRY it!

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