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Help the Mind ReMemBer?


When we are young we take remembering for granted, but as we grow up and immerse into our jobs and eventually suffer more stress and commitment to work, family, the ice-hockey support club, alumni - it becomes trickier. I am sure this comes as no surprise to you. Some of us are wise to take notes and put 'post-its' on the hall mirror next to the door at home, others who find themselves in a bar having met that special someone will scribble on a napkin or why not as in all American films on your left under arm? Whatever that works!

My maternal granddad used to study Mathematics in his retirement and went through all schoolbooks grade 1 to 12 in the Autumn and Spring, taking a break over summer and then repeated all as he would have forgotten by the time Autumn starts anew, he said:). Being active, having challenging work, exercising and taking massage and eating properly, and at the right time, also works. Not many years ago, I had been discovering that taking a warm shower activated me, and as a result, I always had a rush of more and better ideas, new solutions and a more positive outlook then before going in - much the same what happens when you exercise. And what more - suddenly I remembered better! It turned out there was a purely healthy reason for all of this: the Blood stream.

-With the movement of blood speeding up in our veins, it means new fresh blood and more oxygen is added. Then, visiting 'my body-worker', the masseuse, when she beat me (which this 76-year-old-woman did), I had almost a cannonade of ideas over-coming me, and flat as I was on my stomach hands hanging down and nowhere to write them down they ran over me like an express train! Wow! -It was very much like when you sleep your brain organises the past day's impressions into its library so if we have stupid dreams -it makes no sense to us... but I think (?) it makes to my friend upstairs - the Brain. So, be a good boy / girl, HELP it ! Move more! Sleep better as the thoughts of the library expand on the shelves of memory...:)

Another stupid phenomena is what happens if you have a few drinks or even too many? Have you noticed when you do that suddenly new ideas come rushing? And you sit there in a disco/bar/whatever and cannot for the world find anything to write on? -Well, I do and quickly because it comes and goes and I won't enjoy my evening till I have stored it safely away so I can continue dancing and chatting!

When I was trained to hold presentations as a young subaltern in the armed forces we had civilian teachers coming in and sharing their wealth of knowledge with us - and the best to date was about our five (5) senses: Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. If you could use all those to get people active during your presentation (plus a few other techniques:) , you had it made! You see as an example - some of us react to colours and some don't. If it's grey and black and gloomy I don't remember much, but if RED, green, BLUE and O R A N G E - most certainly! -It's how I am programmed. Just like in the jungle - the animal poisonous with its colours says : I am red and green, if you eat me you die... ! Thus it signals and warns - stay away from me! The same with women - apart from dressing up for their own pleasure (so do I!), many do it to draw attention just like male birds show their feathers extravagantly. What do you react to Man, a girl with a dress that sparkles all over like the best of rainbows, or a grey, brown and even more brown one, huh? That is one of your senses giving you away..:) What women react to, we won't cover here. That takes an expert!:).

If you can combine learning French by seeing film footage from the Seine and Paris, with songs sung by Edite Piaf in French and your having a glass of red wine or two, you may well take in the French words faster while exercising their pronunciation and looking at them spelt in front of you. -However, too much wine will oddly enough not help you learn - or shall I say 'remember', as in the next morning much will be gone! Yes, you see as we learn when inebriated it means we don't use the same part of the brain and frankly these parts don't connect! I 've tried, and read about it, so think carefully of the best cause of action you may wish to take!:)) That they sometimes teach French to beginners while sharing wine is not pedagogy, that is marketing!

-In the real world when holding a presentation to a potentially bored audience, you may assist the attention span by making sure there is fresh air in the room (we consume 2 m2 / hour and person), and that everyone knows how long(45 min), the suffering maximally will be so they can pace themselves, and that you change your voice now and then. In between that you run exercises with the auditorium asking one or two to step forward and show in front of class (interaction), but this again is pedagogy and not covered here!

-Anyway, with these small techniques where the Listener gets to activate his senses or show her emotions chances are good the pupils / audience will GET THE MESSAGE. Just take the issue of S E X!, Yes, you heard me right! associated with red lips on a woman and that is stimulating and again things that activate your senses - as 'touch' or a slightly masked voice will activate your receptors - wherever they are...and you will re m em ber better because it happened in front of you, not in some cheap book somewhere:)! Just the same happens when someone is SHOUTING loudly SUDDENLY! It makes us JUMP!

There are many ways to stimulate our learning and how we help the brain to remember better certainly, but I hope this is an eye-opener to someone. Many years ago I read a book by Tony Buzan on this - I am sure there is more for you to dig out there!!!:)

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