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Playing to WIN! -How I improve my game of Golf...! And maybe(?).. Your's ?:)


This is not rocket science but something I have learnt over the span of my life to improve my game and compete better - with myself!:) I thought I'd share a few things that I believe are useful to most of us, but mostly this is aimed at the medium golfer, man or woman.

Let me just start by telling that my first steps, literally were taken on the Bandung Golf & Country Club (Indonesia), and I was less than 9 months old, but within my 5th year I was playing at home in Sweden in Sodertalje, going with my parents and when getting tired and having exhausted my strokes, I rode on my parents bags till the next hole. I averaged 20-25 meters.

There are a number small secrets to succeed - one of them is to not have an argument or too exciting things in the morning before going there to play, or to play competition for that matter. The risk is that you will carry that with you throughout the round and at the vital moment when addressing the ball, lose rythm and probably look up as you hit it, causing the ball to go to your right and probably losing not only that shot, but most likely the next and even the following one if you end up 'out-of-bounds', or in a water hazard, not to mention the woods or in some very tough ruff! Make sure instead to arrive well in advance so you have time to unload, off-load the equipment, put your golf shoes on and adjust you clothes:).

My next is then to go to the driving range, pick up the 30-60 training balls (they fly shorter than the regular ones with up to 30 yards), time depending and set about working your set. But just before that I do a bit of stretching - working my hips (like the best disco dancer!!:), waving my arms, bending my knees up and down and usually panting heavy until the organs are in tune. Once this part done, however, the first to do is to build confidence. -Thus don't start with the driver (Wood 1) that some clots seem to be teaching these days, but an Iron 7 which has a decent loft and is easy to follow through with! -Having done my 3-5 strokes, 140-metre-shots with that, I proceed downwards in numbers for every uneven number with the Iron 5, then the 3 before trying upwards with my Iron 4, 6, 8, 10 (wedge for some) and Sand Iron - because as I get to this last one, I have warmed up enough to secure a good hit. 110+ metres later we know if we did. Of course we did! And in the summer of 2014, on an unknown course after my short warm-up I went up to the first tee, noticed the waterhole, the bunkers but focused on getting to the flag (and only!). With a Sand Iron I then tee:ed off, missing the hole with just 12 centimetres, coming to rest in a straight line to stop just behind. Puh! I was shocked and my customer and host - equally so! (I actually had 2 more near-misses for Eagle later, hitting the poles on both occasions - it was just amazing!).

The next I do is taking on the might of the Large One - my 9-degree Driver, metal wood, Blue....! In these early hours and even let's say first two weeks I struggle to go the 210-230 metres on a good tee shot. However, once I warm up and the summer to me, my timing perfections and my best shots climb to the 250 or so metres...and I really have to pace myself so I don't hit the flight ahead. Because that's a sin, if not worse!:). However, if you can play alone while you are re-learning from the previous season - then you can go all out getting the timing, the knee and hip-movements synchronized, the arms, shoulder-movement and your HEAD glued to the ball from pulling your arms back to coming down, moving over your hands and starting to twist your wrist over, still with your head glued, your shoulders and you start to lift and when you reach the top, ONLY THEN can you afford to look for where the ball went! - -Having done what I just said - it should have followed a straight line and your position for the next be excellent! :) .

Having then made your 'workout' going through what remains, the Rescue, the Brassy (no.2 if you're lucky ot have one) or the Brassy (no.3) for either tee shots when a beginner until you master the Driver, or for playing fairways and ruffs, you can now withdraw having spent your 35-45 minutes to the Putting-green or why not Pitching ditto? -I usually do.

On the Putting green, just as when starting to drive your first practise strokes, it's important to build confidence. I usually unpack 4-5 balls and go where I can work on one hole or two three and work them the ball from a fair distance of 4-5 metres, which very much reflects where I am in most situation and start putting them to the hole. I always am thorough on keeping my head down, the ball in mid position under my nose, slightly to the forward side and make sure my right foot is slight kept back for stability. I have noticed I putt better and more accurate doing this, whereas too much left foot the ball may go to my left and not 'IN' the hole. It is also important to get the ball rotating so it sucks itself into the hole, and how you stand and of course hit, determines largely, your result. Most likely not in the hole with all but hopefully one, I then finish them off by putting the ball closest to the hole, downing it and then working my way out from the centre until the furthest. THIS is critical to building self confidence, going for the easiest first and working your way out. Having then done this for some 20-40 minutes, from different angles and lengths, slopes and what's time to move on.

I then go for pitching and as my Iron 7 is something of a favourite as it saves me so many long putts, I start working off from the foregreen just before the green proper. It doesn't take more than a few minutes and then I am in and start in fact downing many of the balls or make near-misses! This is another 20-30 minutes or and I change for the Iron 8 as this behaves, or rather the ball behaves diferently and often has that much wanted back spin that stops it rolling ro far, or worse even - off!:( Combining these here is were my Bogey becomes a par or I set myself up for a Birdie!:) . Eagles, I don't accomplish by putting, but at long distance shots of 140 metres or more not to mention my near-miss Albatross, but that was another story (Par 5, Agesta Golf, from the ruff, Wood 4 200+ metres up-hill to a plateau) the then hole no.8/18).

Anyway with this little exercise, I think we are ready for that coffee encouragement I usually go for or and once that is consumed I maybe go and wash my clubs... before walking up to the tee in good time so we can sort out who scores what, who wishes to go first (I stay practical - whoever is ready and first on tee - goes!) and then I look forward to the next 2 hrs 50 minutes of focus - less even if playing alone. Keeping it paced, short, focused I should made a good round, but it will usually take me 7-10 rounds before I am on my handicap, somewhere around -11. That is also why I am not in favour of large flights, too mixed a group of players as rythm is ALL in golf, and the other players knowing where they place themselves saving us all time and make sure we last in good order before becoming too hungry, too soon! Also, this part, the eating part is important for the result, and I always have a syrup beverage with me, some sweet and start eating from Hole no. 4 or 5. You see it takes about 3 holes until the effect is there and it is important not lose focus as it costs you and your fellow players if your balls go hay-wire! I have coffee w sugar, a hot-dog and a cinnamon bun at Hole no.9, without taking a break or less than 5 minutes if the pace allows, but also here it's easy to lose the rythm, so I usually play my next stroke BEFORE taking my break and then indulge in whatever nourishment I have.

The last 3-4 holes I drink more of my syrup (usually natural strawberry), have a chocolate bar ready and never think back on a bad result, only focus on the next - and if in competition, I even don't say a word but stick to myself and inside myself. If I get all this right, chances are good that I, at least after my first practise runs, will be among the runners up - weather allowing! :)

Enjoy your golf, whereever You are! I do! :))

Henrik has played golf since 1964, gaining his handicap of -30 in 1976. Encouraged to play competition at already the age of nine by his loving parents, as well as to train, it has helped him to set goals, think positively and remain focused. Visualizing to himself the arch of a successful tee shot, or the aiming on how to win and THINKING SUCH until the last putt is holed on Hole 18 it has lead to good results in club competitions, matches and a few Eagles - in Mixed golf, on other courses than that at home and also abroad in HongKong - Lantau.

I hope this has helped to convince you all is possible. It is not the equipment, the ball as much as it is in that ball you call the head...that decides your result. Train, listen to others, set tougher goals but start by achieving smaller ones first will get you there - it did for me, but my parents efforts with me is what really made a difference! Welcome to the world of golf - where the starting age is no limit, just the start of a long love- & -hate story where you play center stage! :))


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