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Expectations on a Recruitment agency don't match up! Job seekers & Corporates


Let's define the job - to place a person for a company as swiftly as possible who matches the needs of the buyer-Employer.  -This means that someone is footing the bill - the corporate client filling a need within his/her organisation is the most likely.

Candidates (job seekers) usually don't, and in Eastern Europe it may well be forbidden by Law to take money from individuals - tax reasons and some idea of injustice or that they are vulnerable and subject to abuse.  This largely decides the frame but also stops any effort to speed up the process of a person going from one position to another. If the powers of the Market were swift and all shared the same information, this would be no problem. Sadly, they're not.

 If we talk of the individual seeker - he/she sends a C V for us to review. Unlike state officials who are guaranteed a salary, vacation pay, insurance policies - Recruiters aren't paid by anyone  UNTIL there is a paying client. If the Client honours his committment from the outset, or if you create a position with the client when you present your candidate spontaneously - either way it is subject to negotiation and the last one is the most tricky one unless you have it on paper. So it depends on trust that all three keep their word. Still remember, the recruiter stands the  whole risk - his/her hours, whits and knowledge of the market.. - Surely that must be worth something?

Thus taking time to screen -consider, interview, test and come up with a conclusion is unpaid work. The work time spent WITH a person is equivalent to the one spent behind the scenes and probably this latter is very time consuming as a client/buyer/employer must be found. And that's a job. Still many job seekers think that recruitment is a social occupation and that we will be paid. -Well, I have news - in the Baltic this is rarely so - not only because it is about money and a reluctance to pay even when you should, no, it is about empowerment of the person in charge to DARE to take the decision and for that to happen we are talking about a largely UNIQUE manager - who has guts, or owns the company and is willing to take the chance. And that in culture which does not allow mistakes! You see the next comment is usually they want 'comparison'...and then it is about a whole process which takes 3-5-8 weeks depending on how well the person must match. And by then our candidate may how had a response elsewhere. So few here if anyone trutst him/-herself with or without the MBA...!!!... to hire anyone for fear or reproach.

Given then the shortages of staff, lack of timing, pre-planning and willingness to pay the messenger and then also salary the person coming in correctly, building forward, the LOCAL employment markets suffer - more than they need to by problems we have caused by ourselves...greed, stinginess, lack of forward planning, the empowerment of competent staff, lack of understanding for that a good solution COSTs... -And it is also a lot about self respect, or the lack of it as well as for that of others.  So, my question is: Are we going to change this anytime soon?   - I leave it to the Readership to an answer!:) I for certain like to do more here...but who will support me? I am foreigner, and what do I understand about anything? -Well even if didn't I can rely on people telling me. Everyday.  Thanks for reading this far!! /Henrik M

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PRIME Recruitment operates the market in name from 1999 in Riga and the Baltics, trailing back to 1994/5 in Latvia and 1996-7 in Stockholm for 'I see Headhunting & Consulting'. Our aim as professionals WITH our clients is to get it right  the first time by doing our homework together and then making sure the induction of the person coming in is handled as it should in our day and age. We work all sectors, Pan-Baltic, we test, train match and coach job seekers and act discussion partner for our corporates and individuals and yes, seek to identify, coach and place if the circumstances are right. For that it also means we need invest in ourselves as job seekers to get there as these things seldom rain from Heaven... or when you wish build your language competence by mother tongue speakers at your ideal time!:)

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